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How To Auto Translate Shopify and Magento Store

How To Auto Translate Your Entire Store: Solution for Magento & Shopify

Today, we will explore how to use these automatic translation apps to translate a website. By doing so, businesses can expand their reach to new markets and connect with customers from around the world in a way that was once impossible. However, it's important to understand the limitations of this technology and how it can be optimized for the best possible results.

LangShop 2022 Year in Review

LangShop 2022 Year in Review and Important Plans for 2023

Being one of the best translation apps on Shopify, LangShop strives to improve user’s experience and produce not only quality translation but help to reach store localization, which is proven to give positive results in international sales. And today, we’re going to figure out what results the LangShop team has managed to achieve by looking a bit back in the year 2022.

LangShop Enterprise Plan: All Exciting Questions you might wonder

LangShop Enterprise Plan: All Exciting Questions you might wonder

In an attempt to suit every individual business needs, it’s important to offer different packages of service for different prices. It allows businesses to achieve their goals with minimal expenses and maximum profit. Being one of the leaders among translation services for Shopify merchants, LangShop follows the best service practices, including pricing options rendering.