LangShop Guest Blogging Guidelines

LangShop Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi there! The LangShop team is always open to cooperation with Shopify applications and independent writers. As you can see, our blog provides articles on different topics. Anyway, they all are aimed to help Shopify merchants grow, develop, and manage their online stores.

So, here are our requirements that you should follow if you want to publish your content in the LangShop blog.   

Table of content


  • Unique text with high-quality writing checked in anti-plagiarism programs.
  • Your content should be professional, genuine, objective, and accurate.
  • Title, headings, text body should be SEO friendly.
  • The article should contain useful, interesting, and reliable information.
  • If you use quotes and statistics, please indicate the source by using a hyperlink.
  • The article should contain an introduction, main text, and conclusions.
  • Use bullet and/or number lists to make the content better organized and more readable for readers.

What we do not accept

  • Similar topics. Please, check our blog before you start writing your article.
  • Articles that are too self-promotional for your application and company.
  • Plagiarized content is not welcome.
  • Offensive and inaccurate text.
  • Anything that overly critical of other apps and companies. 

Take into account

  • Do not republish your guest article to your own blog, social media, and other online resources.
  • The LangShop team reserves the right to edit and adapt your article according to our needs and standards.
  • The LangShop team reserves the right to use media from your guest article across our content (featured banner, social media, etc.).

Required format

  • The article should be 500 – 700 words length. If you want to write more than the specified number of words, we’ll be also happy to post your article;)
  • You can add images, infographics, and diagrams (JPG, PNG).
  • Only 2 external links: to your official website and app’s page of the Shopify App Store.
  • Submit your company logo/icon in JPG format.

How to submit your guest post

  • To publish your article in our blog, please contact us
  • Attach your document with the article.
  • Attach media items that you use in the article as a separate attachment.

If you want to publish your article in our blog but still don’t chose a topic, please contact us and we will provide you our recommendations.