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Top 20 Shopify Stores with LangShop

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  • Sneakerworld logo.


    LangShop translates 100% of content: titles, descriptions, menu items, privacy policy, checkout, etc. This store is a good example. By the way, you can change flag icons in the switch button.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Annaji logo.


    Auto-translation is the main feature of LangShop. It will help you to join the global market and start international sales. With multi language content you can get over 2ml visitors too!

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Casa de la Amistad.


    Charity this is a noble cause. Thank to the LangShop app more people from all over the world can help children because the Casa de la Amitad store is available in English and Spanish.

    Shopify logo.
  • Cosyspeed logo.


    This store uses the switch button on the standard position. You can switch the button and check the work of the selector. By the way, with LangShop help you can place the selector to the custom position.

    Shopify logo.
  • Decadence logo.


    We are glad that so many beautiful stores select LangShop for the translation of their content. This web store is another example how you can make your website multilingual.

    Shopify logo.
  • Dolphin Galleries logo.


    This is an amazing example on how to place the switch button to the custom position. Pay attention at rounded corners of flags. By the way, you can customize the button according to your needs.

    Shopify logo.
  • Durex Canada logo.


    Switcher button can be customized according to the design of the store. For example Durex Canada decided to use only the name of original and target languages. We think buttons look great.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Evilhair logo.


    You can use languages names and codes in the switch button. This store is a good example on how to create the selector with both name and code. by the way, you can also add flags to the button ;)

    Shopify logo.
  • Jamiesonvitamins logo.


    Look at this bilingual Shopify store. Thanks to LangShop it available for French-speaking and English-speaking customers. You can check how smoothly you can switch languages and valuate translation.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Kamisori Club logo.


    This amazing Japanese store is available in 5 languages now! Pay attention to our customizable switch button on the upper left corner. We think it looks amazing in the austere and stylish store design.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Lala Berlin logo.


    Another great store translated by the LangShop app. Lalaberlin is a good example of multi-language and multi-currency functionality. Select the language and currency you need and make purchases easily.

    Shopify logo.
  • Litko logo.


    Just look at the rating of the store! The success was reached thanks to the multilingual content created by LangShop. Now, the company can sell its accessories to German- and French-speaking countries.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Lvbagaholic logo.


    Do you want to engage English- and Spanish-speaking customers from all over the world? Use LangShop as Bagaholic! The store of luxury bags is available in Spanish and English.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Mauidivers logo.


    Check this beautiful store which also uses LangShop. On the upper right corner you will see our customizable language and currency switch buttons. We think they look and work good, don’t they?

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Miami Hair Shop logo


    Do you need 6 languages on your store? It’s easy with LangShop! Look how this web store uses multi language and multi currency functionality. Now the store can engage new customers and increase sales.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Onibuscoffee logo.


    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. This company used LangShop to open the store to the world and find new customers. You can check how our app translates the content.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Roba kids logo.


    Welcome to the store with 5 European languages! Check the multi language content. LangShop translated it all: products, collections, menu, privacy policy, return policy, terms & conditions, etc.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Rozyana logo.


    Rozyana Watches & Accessories. The finest models from the best brands at the best prices.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Pampshade logo.


    Wow! 7 currencies have been added to this store! LangShop supports over 80 currencies and you can add any of them and make your store more user-friendly. Check switcher buttons.

    Shopify Plus logo.
  • Tolettacat logo.


    How to sell abroad living in Japan? Install LangShop! It will help you to open the store to the world, increase sales, and boost incomes. And here is another great store that use our application. Check it out.

    Shopify Plus logo.

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