LangShop Features

Explore the powerful features that enable you to make your website multilingual and translate all your content.


    Try these features to get your multilingual Shopify or Magento Store up in minutes.

    • Machine translation

      LangShop supports 247 world languages and dialects which you can translate your store into using the power of AI translation engines.

    • Manual editing

      You can edit content manually and manage all of your translations in one place.

    • Professional translation

      LangShop integrates with a professional translation agency. You can order native language translations right inside the app.

    • Pro translation engines

      The app allows translating stores using professional translation drivers based on neural machine learning - DeepL Pro and Google Translate API.

    • Background mode

      With our translation app, you don’t have to waste your time on translations. Just launch auto machine translation and keep doing your thing. Our server works when you rest :)

    • Analytics dashboard

      Easily manage the workflow and review your translations from one place.

    • Glossary

      Make sure your multilingual content is consistent by adding terms, phrases, brands, and product names to the glossary. Reducing the number of times the same terms need to be edited.

    • Translation options

      Use the power of AI translation engines and choose the translation option that suits you best.

    • Server-side rendering

      That means the LangShop translates your pages directly on the server-side – this is one of Google’s best practices. That makes it easy for Google bots to detect and index your content.

    • Multilingual meta tags

      Translated meta keywords, meta description, and other metadata will positively affect your website SEO and get your content easily indexed by Google, Bing, and others.

    • Translation revisions

      Every type of content has its translation history displayed as a time-line. Select the most suitable translation or make backups.

    • Customer support

      Whenever you need assistance or have questions, you can turn to our expert support team. We’re available 24 hours per day, 7 days/week!


    • Checkout

      Take all the steps to make a purchase clear for customers. Let them make payments in their original language.

    • Products

      Thousands of products will be translated automatically without interrupting your work.

    • Product’s variants

      If the product has variants, with the LangShop help you can translate all variants into target languages.

    • Menu

      The menu allows navigating the site easily. Translate it and make your store more user-friendly.

    • Notifications translation

      Informing your customers via SMS and emails in their original language allows increasing their trust significantly.

    • Collections

      Translate collections automatically or manually, edit, and localize them using just one application – LangShop!

    • Pages

      If your store has many pages LangShop can translate them all with the selected translation driver.

    • Blogs

      Make your blog multilingual with us and get more readers from all over the world.

    • Privacy Policy

      Translating legal documents into different languages you will become closer to your customers and win more their trust.

    • Theme section

      You have an opportunity to translate theme settings, edit code, and preview the translated store.

    • Metafields translation

      LangShop offers an effortless solution to translate your product, product variant and collection metafields.

    • URL handle

      Improve your multilingual SEO by translating URL handles.

    • Attributes

      Localize a product page to its full extent by translating product attributes.

    • Categories

      Establishing the basic category structure of the catalog is one of the essential steps. Make sure it is translated to the targeted languages.

    • Store localizations

      Translate theme, extensions, and other store components uploaded via CSV.


    • Replace media

      Allows uploading different media files for each language of your Shopify store to give it the best possible look.

    • Geolocation auto-detection

      The app detects visitors’ browser language and currency and displays content based on location at their first visit.

    • 3rd-party apps translation

      We translate dynamic content added by the 3rd-party applications with the help of JS or scripts.

    • Import / Export

      Import and export multilingual content from your store with the help of CSV, XML, XLS, JSON, etc.

    • Language in URL

      Allows setting the URL for every translated page that will be easier to remember and more convenient for search engines.

    • Sitemap

      LangShop generates a multilingual sitemap of your store in accordance with search engine rules.

    • Language/currency switcher

      You can add a customizable switcher to your Shopify Store to provide the webstore visitors with the opportunity to change the language & currency the way they need.

    • Language/Currency flags

      After adding the switcher, you can use flags of the countries to represent their currency or language.

    • Currency icons

      We provide icons for all currencies supported by LangShop. Now you can use not only flags for the currency switcher, but icons too.

    • Put your switcher anywhere

      Our switcher is extremely flexible in settings. You can give it any look and place anywhere you need.

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