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Increase conversion rates by translating your store into the language your visitors speak!

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Translate every aspect of your store

LangShop includes everything you need to get your multilingual Shopify or Magento store up in minutes breaking language barriers.

  • Tap Into New Markets Quickly

    You can choose the translation method that suits your needs the best or combine different methods according to the type of the content.

    • Machine AI translation: 1-click content translation with the help of the Neural Machine Translation engines.
    • Manual: Edit translations manually to control the quality.
    • Pro translation: LangShop integrates with Google Translate and DeepL Pro.
    • Agency Translation: Multi language content of the highest quality translated manually by professionals.
  • Improve Customer Experience

    Make sure your customers fully understand all the information on your store to build trust and credibility with customers. Along with the typical types of content, like products, collections/categories, LangShop can translate:

    • Checkout
    • Shopify notifications (emails)
    • Shopify Metafields
    • Magento themes & extensions
  • Reach Wider Audience And Expand Customer Base

    LangShop offers 100% SEO-friendly "Server-Side Rendering" translation without coding. With our Shopify language translator app, meta title, description. etc. will be detected and translated letting your translated pages be automatically indexed on Google.

  • Display Prices In A Familiar Currency

    For Shopify Users, 156 currencies are available to reach customers all over the world. Native currency is about making your store more user-friendly. It frees customers from tiring conversions which they certainly would be grateful for.
    Exchange rates are update daily for your prices to be up-to-date.

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The best app of all categories. Finally, an app that really delivers. I like the overview in the dashboard. Really easy to see what needs to be fixed. If I had to wish for something, it's that more apps connected as partner apps. So they too can be translated.

October 1, 2021

This is a very useful translation app. They keep improving. Whenever needed I received professional support.

October 1, 2021

Much more helpful especially once you connect the google translate API for pro translations which I'm very happy with.

September 21, 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have something to ask us?

  • Are you looking for the Shopify best translation app? We have a perfect solution for you! Let us introduce you Shopify translation app - LangShop: Translate & Currency.

    What languages does it support? LangShop supports 247 language. Note, that it’s the only Shopify language translation app that provides so many languages for the translation.

    For example, Chinese language is one of the most popular among Shopify users. LangShop provides opportunity to translate the store into Classical, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan Chinese. So, we can say that LangShop is one of the best Shopify Chinese translation app.

    What types of content can I translate? LangShop translates ALL types of content. For example, it makes multi language products, collections, privacy policy, third-party apps content (e.g. Shopify product discount app translation), etc.

    By the way, if you are still thinking, you can try the best Shopify website translation app for free for 7 days.

  • The translation of Shopify websites has never been easier than now. With the LangShop app, you can make Shopify store multi language automatically.

    There are three ways how to make Shopify store multi language using LangShop: Auto translation, Professional translation, Agency translation. Auto-translation exists thanks to the multiple translation drivers (Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Baidu, Bing, etc.). Professional translation is performed by AI engines Google Professional and DeepL. Agency translation is provided by the TextMaster service.

    To make Shopify store multi language automatically, you need to follow 3 simple steps: Step 1 - Choose the languages of the translation. Step 2 - Choose categories for translation. Step 3 - Click Translate to start the auto-translation. After the translation, you will get a multilingual Shopify store. Let us note, that the translation can be edited manually.

    To use Pro translation or order Agency translation, go to the app admin and follow the guides from these articles: Order translations, Pro translation.

  • To avoid misunderstanding, firstly, let us remind you that the number of available languages depends on your LangShop plan. Learn more in LangShop Pricing.

    So, if you think about HOW to add multiple languages to the Shopify store, LangShop can help you.

    Follow this guide: Select languages that you want to add to your Shopify store. Enable categories that will be translated into the selected languages. Click Next to add languages to the Shopify store and translate content. The translated content can be managed and edited manually after the auto-translation.

    Besides, LangShop adds a customizable language switcher to the website. You can set it up according to your needs.

    Optional. You can also add a currency switcher to the website.

  • You can translate Shopify checkout with LangShop into multiple languages. Install LangShop and follow these steps: Select a theme from the Theme library in your LangShop admin. Click Translate if you are ready. The second step offers you to type Checkout as a keyword and select fields for the translation process. You can use automatic translations, translate checkout fields with one pro translation engine, or submit an order to the TextMaster agency.

    Now LangShop starts the auto-translation process of your Shopify store. When it's complete, that app will send you a notification.

  • Save your time by translating your store with powerful machine translation. Auto-translation is performed by multiple translation engines. To make your store multi-language automatically, you need to choose the languages of the translation, then choose the type of content for translation, and the final step is to click Translate to start translation. After all these steps, you will get a multilingual store.

    LangShop allows translating your stores using professional translation engines based on neural machine learning. After the module installation, you can translate content with pro translation drivers and get higher quality translations. LangShop integrates with Google and DeepL translation drivers.

    Still have any doubts? Try LangShop for free with a 7-day trial!