Case Study: How Inclusive Inc Increased Their Organic Traffic by 250%

Case Study: How Inclusive Inc Increased Their Organic Traffic by 250%

Selling internationally can be a hard nut to crack. Inclusive Inc, people with the strong mission, know it firsthand. Attracting international traffic is the first goal merchants set for themselves when going global, and Inclusive Inc have managed to achieve better results with the help of translated content. 

Just a few months after having translated website content, the traffic has increased by 250%. And this is not the limit. 

Let’s learn their story of how they increased traffic to their Shopify store thanks to the translation plugin - LangShop!

Key points at a glance

  1. Company name: Inclusive Inc 
  2. Languages: English, Arabic, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Indian, Basque.
  3. Currencies: Euro, Afghani, Argentine Peso, Aruban Guilder, Franc Congolais, Chilean Peso, Yuan Renminbi, etc.
  4. Period of using LangShop: 8 months.
  5. Favorite translation method: AI machine, Automatic translation of new products and collections.
  6. Effect from translation app: Increased organic traffic by 250%; more international visitors.

Inclusive Inc

Inclusive Inc is a 501c3 certified US organization with a non-profit mission to empower inclusive people to unleash their full potential, keep them engaged in the community, motivate and educate through transformative experiences. 

The company is focused on fostering inclusivity in three main areas: Inclusive Living, Inclusive Technologies, and Inclusive Adventures. Their mission is to promote diversity and accessibility in all aspects of life, using innovative technologies to enhance the experiences of individuals of all abilities, and creating thrilling adventures that are open to everyone. 

“We’ve changed the world numerous times over the last 20 years. Now, adaptive gaming is the fun that is pretty practiced in the US. ”

Mark Felling

CEO of Inclusive Inc

Together with the non-profit mission, Inclusive Inc sells products necessary on a daily basis – from assistive technology to everyday items with inclusive features, the store offers a wide range of products that make life more accessible and enjoyable for all. 

“Because most of the solutions we provide, we are the single designer, manufacturer and distributor. If we didn’t create and provide them, they would not exist.”

The quote is taken from Shopify App Store

LangShop client

However, like any online store entering international markets, Inclusive Inc had to face the challenge of reaching a global audience. And to solve it, they decided to translate website content.

What Shopify Language Translation App They Use

As Mark Felling said, Inclusive Inc was limited in its resources. That's why they wanted to find a solution that could take care of the translation without special efforts from their side. 

Having tested 4 different translation tools, Mark chose LangShop. Being familiar with Aheadworks extensions when having run a store on Magento 2 platform, Mark was glad to find out that LangShop is the app designed by Aheadworks as well.

Having a clear idea of what features the translation app should provide, Mark found LangShop useful and helpful. The decisive factor was the app’s user-friendly interface and the availability of automatic translation.

“I tested 4 different ones [translation apps] to do the translation. [In LangShop I liked] the automatic translation. And a big part was the user interface – it was better and more comprehensive.”

LangShop appears to be an app able to save time and effort by automating a significant part of the translation process, freeing up Mark and other LangShop clients to focus on other important tasks. 

Thus, to translate products with AI machine translation method, only a few clicks are needed:

  1. From LangShop Admin, go to Translations > Products, select the products you want to translate, and click the Translate button. 
  2. Then, select the languages you want the website to be translated into and define the translation engine.
  3. Once all necessary settings are added, just click the Translate button and allow the system to complete the process in the background mode.
auto translate products on Shopify

The simplicity and rapidity of the process makes it easy for the store admin to manage and complete the translation, even with limited resources. 

So Inclusive Inc has been translated into 20 different languages, including Arabic, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Chinese, etc.

Translate website into Arabic

Considering the mission and technology the store sells, it gave more people around the world to find information and products they need.

How Inclusive Inc Increased International Traffic

The thing is that 72% of consumers browse in their native language. And ‌Google algorithms strive to display only relevant results, which also means these results are likely to be in the language the query has been created in. 

Multilingual SEO is one of the directions a translation app should focus on. Adding hreflang tags, translating URLs and meta tags, – all these make search engines index the online store and display in search results. 

“For the last 15–18 years, it’s primarily been English-speaking countries who could actually find the website through Google or whatever. <...> At least doing web searches, people can find it [now].“

The qualified traffic is the core of conversion. By translating a website into multiple languages, Inclusive Inc allowed buyers from different countries to find them, to see their offer and products. With the translated content, the website traffic analytics has been garnished with visitors from Turkey, Germany, France, and Japan.

“So the international traffic was very-very small, and now we have international traffic, so that’s part made a big impact.”

Make site visible in search results in foreign countries

In general, Inclusive Inc has seen a significant increase in traffic to its website, with a 250% increase

This growth is a testament to the company's commitment to inclusivity and its ability to effectively reach and engage with its target audience. The increased traffic represents a major accomplishment for the company and lays a strong foundation for future growth. 

However, this is just the beginning, as Inclusive Inc continues to pursue new opportunities and expand its reach. With its focus on inclusive living, inclusive technologies, and inclusive adventures, the company is poised for continued success and growth, making a positive impact on people's lives.


An online store that can effectively reach a global audience has the potential to greatly expand its customer base, increase its sales, and grow its business. Inclusive Inc is a great example of how the mission in combination with a good translation tool can attract an international audience and increase the chance for success.

Still, there are a lot of challenges to convert this traffic into leads – visitors should be adapted to buying internationally online, have trust and a motivation to buy. But attracting more visitors is the first step to generating successful international sales.

Also, want to attract more buyers to your store and drive international sales? Install LangShop for free, – all plans have a 7-day free trial.