LangShop Update: v.2.7.0 – v.2.7.1

LangShop Update: v.2.7.0 – v.2.7.1

Hello, our dear users! The LangShop team is happy to announce that we’ve released v.2.7.0 and v.2.7.1. This time we improved the app a lot!

Here is the list of the new features:

  • LangShop theme is optional now. That’s the main and the most important improvement. Since now you shouldn’t publish the LangShop theme if you want to display multilingual content. Translated content will be available for any theme of your Shopify store!
  • Translation of theme settings, locales, and dynamic text now are available for all themes. Yes, if you translate these elements, their translation will be available not only in the LangShop theme but in other themes too.
  • Localization is available for currency and language titles. It means that now you can translate currency and language titles displayed in selectors.
  • Our team has added a possibility to search statics through the theme file.
  • Switchers and recommendation alerts now have an “Admin-only” visibility state.
  • We improved the Analytics section
  • Now you can get support for InstantClick JS library.
  • Added possibility to insert language and currency selectors via custom HTML tag. Now you can display LangShop language and currency selectors on any theme.
  • Recommendation alerts can be displayed in any language at the first visit. Before it was displayed only in the default language of the store. Now it can be shown in target languages. 

As you can see, the list is large. Our team tried to improve the app significantly and we hope you will like it.

So, if you have questions, we will gladly answer them! Or maybe you already tried the LangShop v.2.7.0 – v.2.7.1? Write to us and share your feedback.

The support team works 24/7. We are always here to communicate with our users! Write at:

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