We’ve Launched Own Blog!

We’ve Launched Own Blog!

Back in 2016, when our team was creating LangShop application, it was an idea to make a thematic blog where we would share interesting and useful articles about translation, multilingualism, and just tell our customers about LangShop updates and other important events. But we had to pass a long way before launching own blog.

On the way to the LangShop blog creation

It’s very easy to say “let’s create a blog”, but in fact, it requires serious preparation and time. Our team understood that it should be a strong knowledge base and experience in order to make quality content. So, blog idea was postponed for some time. All attention was focused on the application and its improvement.

Time passed and many things have happened. Among recent advances can be distinguished that we’ve launched a new website, created new services, made a great update of the LangShop app.

Now, we are experts with strong experience of working with translation application and communicating with clients. Behind us, there are several years of hard work at the app’s improvement. Today, LangShop team has what to say and we are ready to share useful content from experts.

So, welcome to the LangShop blog!