Meet LangShop New Website!

Meet LangShop New Website!

Creating a new website for LangShop, our aim was to collect all useful information about the app in one place. Furthermore, we decided to make a kinda guide of LangShop and made multiple useful services!

For whom we did it:

  • For our regular customers who want to refresh info about the app and learn something new by reading articles about translation and multilingualism.
  • For new visitors, who are interested in the Shopify store translation and looking for an appropriate application.

No matter, why did you open this site. You will get maximum useful info about the LangShop app.

Total new website with total new services

For a few months, LangShop team was working at the app major update and a new website. Now its a real ecosystem where you will find everything!

In addition to the existing info about price, app features, and customers feedbacks, many total new services were added. Let’s consider them now.

Advanced support

For example, in the FAQ section, there are answers on the frequently asked questions with which the support team faces every day.

  • For store owners – write to us if you want to translate your Shopify store and need help with the app.
  • For developers – get professional support if you are a developer and want to cooperate with LangShop code and integrate custom changes.

Now, there are two types of users support:

Community – it’s a brand new service. Here customers can write about their experience of using the app, ask questions, get feedback from our specialists, and participate in different discussions.

Quick Access

Another one advantage of the new website is an opportunity to get the app in one click. Just click “Start free trial” button.

For those, who already use the app, the website allows just to enter the store’s domain and the visitor will be moved to his store.

Useful info

LangShop documentation has become more detailed. Now, we provide Developers documentation where advanced users can learn more about the app’s life cycle and read about LangShop Liquid and JavaScript SDK. Store owners are able to use their usual guides.

It was another one small dream to launch a personal blog, and we finally did it! In the LangShop Blog, our team shares the latest news about the app. Also, we write feature articles that can help in work with LangShop and learn more about Shopify store translation in general.

To check the status of all LangShop resources Ecosystem status section was created.

Keep in touch

Now, LangShop is available in social networks! Click the links and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. There we will share with you the latest news of the app.

Also, from our new website you are able to move to our YouTube channel. There is a collection of LangShop tutorial videos. Subscribe us to stay tuned for more.

If even after surfing our website and reading this article, you still have questions, write to us and we will gladly answer you!:)