How To Make A Video Call In LangShop? Online Appointment Scheduling

How To Make A Video Call In LangShop? Online Appointment Scheduling

Time it’s a valuable resource and booking an appointment saves it a lot. Launching a multilingual Shopify store requires not many efforts if you use LangShop. Anyway, if any questions arise, book a time to get experts help when it’s suitable for you.

Why we did new time booking service

The booking service was made to provide experts help when it’s suitable for a client. Of course, you are still able to contact us via chat, email, or ticket system. But there are situations when the live meeting can resolve problems that chat and email can’t. It helps to avoid delays and misunderstanding between managers and users.

Reasons to use the time booking service:

  • On the pre-sale stage, we can discuss the app’s features and abilities, the opportunity of customization and integration of custom functionality.
  • You need to make a basic setup of the app and get a detailed guide through LangShop functionality. Select “Live Demo” to get such kind of help. On our test Shopify store, we will show you the app’s work from its installation till configuration and translation.
  • Thanks to the service, we will solve all the technical questions that can appear while working with the app.

Live conversation is the best way to establish communication and answer all questions. As you see, we are ready to help on any stage of multilingual site creation. Need to discuss any of the described questions? Let’s talk!

4 simple steps to schedule the appointment

The system is simple and user-friendly. No additional payments required for the call. So, the time booking service works for the following instruction:

  1. You select the needed topic (we described them above) and the support manager you want to talk with.
  2. Select the appointment date and time. Opening the schedule you will see the available appointments. Please, note that our tech support works 6 day a week. Each manager works at a specific time that will be displayed there. If it’s not suitable for you, just take a step back and choose another manager. Booking an appointment the slot will be no longer available.

    select day and time
  3. Fill the form with your data and write your question. We need it in order to prepare for the conversation and provide the help of the best quality.
  4. Check the confirmation email and wait until the appointment date will come.

In the specified date and time, our support manager will call you.

Thanks to the booking service you spend less time on writing messages and waiting for the response. It’s an opportunity to solve all the appeared questions in 15-20 minutes and save time that you can spend improving your business.

Was this article useful for you? What do you think about our new service? We would like to hear from you:)