Storytelling and TikTok for business: 2022 eCommerce Trends (Commerce+)

Storytelling and TikTok for business: 2022 eCommerce Trends (Commerce+)

Creating a successful eCommerce business requires a deep understanding of people’s thoughts and needs. Moreover, the constantly changing world leads to rotating trends online stores should follow to keep up with the times. For merchants to be aware of contemporary trends and strategies for growth Shopify arranged a masterclass Commerce+, where leaders of the industry shared their experience and ideas. 

“During the last 18 months, commerce trends and growth accelerated by 10 years. Over 150 million people shopped online for the first time in 2020. And they’re staying online.” – said Shimona Mehta, a managing director of EMEA. Covid changed commerce greatly, forcing even conservative stores and customers to explore new horizons. But it also changed online shopping itself. Web stores forsook impersonalized approach and moved to build connections with their customers through sharing their story in this way reintroducing themselves. 

Accordingly, a lot of brands accepted a DTC (direct to customer) model for their website. For example, a world-famous singer, Pharell Williams, shared why he implemented the DTC model in his business: “We just always want a direct connection, you know? It says it’s direct to the consumer, but that really just means like a personal connection <…>  We think that skin health is one of those things that should be considered important. And having a connection with people who feel the same way and want that same kind of advice.” The fact is that the consumer is most likely to buy a product with the story, in this way becoming closer to the creator. Thus, you gain not just a customer but a follower, a human being sharing your thoughts and supporting your ideas. This type of customer won’t leave your store in search of cheaper or nicer solutions, because they know and understand the reasons and aims of every single item.

Interview Pharell Williams and Harley Finkelstein

Resource: Commerce+ 

Steps for establishing connections with the younger generation were also made. During the last years, brands have been exploring emerging platforms to promote their products among youngsters. And TikTok is one of these platforms, as it is not just about dances and funny videos, it’s also a place young people can discover new brands, according to the statistics mentioned in the masterclass 25% of users admit they research or even buy after watching a video. This means that social networks have become a free platform for promoting your brand and finding your customer. 

Atlee Clark, director of operations in Shop, emphasized that more than half of UK youngsters find a brand via social media making them a big platform for building a customer base. And the third of these users are making purchases through social channels. And the best TikTok advantage is the algorithms, making it unnecessary to have an army of followers to promote the video, as it’ll definitely reach people interested in it. And you can guess what number of customers you are able to gain from such a big platform as TikTok with more than 700 million active global users. And now, imagine the increase in your conversions if to be promoted in many other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This fact opens both new markets for brands and new offers for the audience.

Resource: Commerce+

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