Set Up Successful Text Marketing for Your Shopify Store With TxtCart

Set Up Successful Text Marketing for Your Shopify Store With TxtCart

Text marketing needs to be in every Shopify store’s marketing arsenal. With text marketing, online stores can easily bring back past customers and send promotions even when the customer is offline, increasing repeat purchases, and communicating more effectively. But, the right text marketing solution can go a long way in increasing your revenue and helping you achieve your goals better.

Let’s dive into what is text marketing and how you can use the smartest text marketing solution, TxtCart, to generate more revenue.

What is Text Marketing?

Text marketing (also known as SMS marketing) is the use of SMS or text messages to send promotional messages to subscribers. The marketing channel is direct, reaching subscribers even when they are offline. SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate. Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than email or Facebook. 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

Many top eCommerce businesses use SMS to communicate with their shoppers. You can send promotions about sales and products as well as upsell items and recover abandoned carts. 

Tackling the Cart Abandonment Problem with Text Marketing

With a 71% abandonment rate, cart abandonment is an issue for many online merchants. With higher cart abandonment, merchants have a hard time acquiring new shoppers and successfully capturing purchases. 

Recovering carts is easy with the right strategies in place. With quick and offline delivery of texts as well as high open and click rates from subscribers, text marketing has an instant positive response. When setting up cart abandonment text messages, you can customize your copy and add offers to maximize conversions.

Merchants who set up cart recovery campaigns on TxtCart have seen a 30% recovery rate.

What is TxtCart?

TxtCart is the highest-rated human-powered SMS marketing app, specialized in cart recovery. Using the app, merchants can set up high-converting SMS campaigns and enable automated messages to recover carts and upsell items.

TxtCart provides you with all the features needed for successful text marketing. This includes, 

  • Text Abandoned Cart Recovery: Set up winning cart recovery campaigns using text that is sure to convert shoppers and lower cart abandonment. 
  • SMS Text Marketing Campaigns: Send text marketing campaigns about sales, products, etc to build a relationship with customers and nudge more conversions. 
  • SMS Customer Winback: Winback past customers by setting up text campaigns that re-engage customers, upsell items related to past purchases, and increase purchases. 
  • Audience Segmentation: Send your subscriber list based on specific details to send highly relevant SMS campaigns. 
  • Custom Discount Codes: Set up custom discount codes within your text campaigns.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Get continuous customer support from a team of SMS experts. 
  • Insights & Analytics: Use detailed analytics to understand how your campaigns are performing and use this insight to optimize your strategy.
  • Integrations: TxtCart integrates with top Shopify apps like ReCharge, PushOwl, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Smile, and Recart to supercharge your text marketing.

How Do Shopify Stores Generate Revenue Using TxtCart?

TxtCart is not like your average SMS marketing app. It is powered with human automation. Every SMS sent is sent by real humans, adding a conversational touch to SMS campaigns that usually comes across as a promotion.

Merchants using TxtCart yield high results— with an average open rate of 98% and an average reply rate of 41%. 

With human-powered automation, you can cater to your shoppers’ preferences. For instance, some shoppers may prefer to get a discount on their abandoned cart while others may just have forgotten and would have liked a reminder about it. By making your SMS more conversational, you can understand what your shoppers are looking for and provide flexible replies and offers.

With human-powered cart recovery, your shoppers can ask questions and get responses from actual people representing your brand, leading shoppers to the information they are looking for. These conversational text messages are sure to help you cater to this wide range of shoppers on your Shopify store.

Ready to set up text marketing that yields profits?

We hope this helps you understand the scope of text marketing and how you can use it to increase loyalty and repeat purchases. 

TxtCart’s human-powered automation ensures that your customers reply and even click to come back to your Shopify store. Your text campaigns are managed by top text experts who will engage with subscribers and help them find the right information, enticing them to make a purchase.

Install TxtCart to set up human-powered text marketing and generate revenue.