How To Create Multi Language Checkout On Shopify

How To Create Multi Language Checkout On Shopify

Shopify checkout in multiple languages is one of the frequently asked requests from our users. Checkout is an important part of the purchasing process and it should be maximum clear for customers. LangShop provides translation services and in this article, we will consider how to make multilanguage checkout in Shopify stores.

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Why is it important to translate Shopify checkout page?

Abandoned cart it’s probably a problem of all online stores. A customer can forget about an order or change his mind about buying. It’s a very unpleasant situation for the website owner. But the real tragedy is when a customer wants to buy a product but can’t finish a purchase because the checkout page was unclear for him.

It can happen when you sell abroad to different countries and the language barrier interferes with sales. Even if your store in English (or other widespread languages) it can be difficult for understanding for many visitors. They can like your products. They can even select some of them and want to buy them. But if the checkout page causes difficulties, you can lose your clients:(

The translation of the website is the only correct decision in this situation. This option will make the process of purchasing easier and more convenient for your customers. Thanks to this visitors’ loyalty will grow and they will stay with you longer.

How to have multilanguage checkout in Shopify

To create multi language checkout on Shopify you have to install a translation application to your store. For example, the LangShop app will be a great decision.

LangShop is one of the few applications that provide checkout translation. The number of supported languages is also an important part that must be taken into account. The more languages, the more the opportunity to reach your target audience. Our app supports 241 languages(!). None of the applications can not be compared with us on the number of languages. The auto-translation is available for most of these languages. 

We think LangShop is the best solution for this task:) 

How can LangShop help you?

LangShop can solve any task connected with content translation.  LangShop auto translates all types of the store’s content including the content for Shopify checkout page. Furthermore, it provides several types of translation: auto, manual, and professional. Today we will consider an opportunity to make an automatic translation of the Shopify checkout.

LangShop is compatible with any Shopify theme. Thus, you can translate any of them into the target languages automatically without efforts.

The checkout page consists of content from products description, content localization, payment gateways, delivery methods, breadcrumbs, buttons text, etc. Therefore, there are several conditions that must be met in order to get a translation of Shopify checkout page.

  1. Products localization. All products of your store must be translated into selected target languages.
  2. Theme locales are also must be translated by LangShop. In this article, you will find the instruction on how to translate the theme settings – Translate theme localization.
  3. Translate payment gateway and delivery methods. 

As a result, when the customer switches into his local language the store he will see multi language Shopify checkout and can finish purchase without a problem.

How to translate checkout with LangShop?

As it was written above, auto translated checkout page in Shopify will be available for your visitors if you meet the appropriate conditions (also described above). Anyway, let’s consider the way how to add target languages and translate Shopify checkout with the help of our application.

When you install LangShop there are several important setup steps that you should pass.

In the first step, you select the target language(s) into which you want to translate your website.

The second step allows you to choose categories that will be translated automatically. By default, all of them are selected.

As was written above, the checkout page consists of different types of content. For example, if you don’t translate delivery methods, your customers will see them in the original language of the store and won’t understand delivery conditions. That’s why we always recommend you to leave all of them enabled.

If you want to create a checkout translation on Shopify, leave all checkboxes from the second step enabled. The more content you translate, the more clear checkout you will get.

So, thanks to this when you click Auto translate your content (including texts that are used in checkout) will be translated automatically without any efforts from your side. You just need to wait until the app finishes its work. In this easy way, you will get multilanguage checkout on your Shopify store.

As you can see only two steps and your website is available in several languages! Translation of the Shopify checkout has never been easier, hasn’t it?

Now when your customers visit your Shopify site, switch language, and click Buy, they will be moved to the multi language checkout. All product’s info, payment and delivery details will be in their local language. Will it increase the rate of sales from your website? Definitely yes!

You should also know:

  • LangShop allows editing any translated content manually. In this article, you will find more detailed info – Manual editing.
  • The app provides agency translation –  human translation by professionals.
  • You can add target currencies to the website. It will provide a better understanding of the price of a product. Hence, purchasing will be more comfortable for customers. 

Let us also remind not to forget to translate new products and content added/changed after translation by LangShop. Otherwise, if you leave it without translation, the content will be displayed on the checkout page in the original language.

To find new products you can use our management tool. It will display all not translated products.


We hope we’ve answered the question “How to have a multilanguage checkout on Shopify store?” and now you see that there is an easy way to get a translation of the entire store. Thanks to LangShop your customers will surf your website easily and nothing will interfere with purchasing. The app will break all language barriers. As a result, you can increase incomes through foreign markets and new customers from all over the world.

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