How To Remove “Powered by Shopify” From The Footer Of Your Store?

How To Remove “Powered by Shopify” From The Footer Of Your Store?

We continue talking about Shopify and its features. This eCommerce platform provides multiple opportunities for the creation of wonderful websites, blogs, and stores. In the recent article, we talked about the multi-currency checkout. And today, let’s talk about the display of your store and the ability to remove the “Powered by Shopify” text.

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About “Powered by Shopify” in two words

“Powered by Shopify” it’s special content that displays what eCommerce platform was used for developing the store. Usually, it’s displayed in the footer of your store. This content appears on all Shopify stores when merchants publish them.

powered by shopify text

This content can be removed from the website in a few clicks. Let’s consider how.

Reasons to remove “Powered by Shopify” can be different – from the unwillingness to demonstrate the platform to aesthetic moments when the inscription simply does not fit into the store design. Anyway, it’s ok if you need to remove this text. There are two ways how you can do this.

The first method – remove via Edit language option

Let’s edit the theme of your website:

  1. Go to the Online Store => Themes from your admin.

2. Click on Actions and select Edit languages from the drop-down list.

edit language to remove content

3. You will see a list of different fields of the website. In the search field type “powered” and the platform will display fields with this text.

search for powered

4. Now you should find the field with the “Powered by Shopify” text. Remove the existing text from the field.

powered by shopify field

5. Click Save on the top of the page.

save changes

That’s the easiest way to follow. Only 5 simple steps and the aim is reached.

The second method – remove via Edit code option

For those who like working with code, there is the second method. Anyway, even if you don’t understand anything in coding, read this guide. These steps are so simple, that everyone can follow them.

  1. Go to the Online Store => Themes from your admin.

2. Click on Actions => Edit code.

edit code of the store

3. In the opened window you will see the code of your store and different sections on the left side. Find there the Sections folder, open it, and click on “footer.liquid”.


4. You will see multiple strings of code. To find the part that we need to use Ctrl + F command (or Command + F on Mac). In the search field, type command or “powered_by_link”.


5. Now you should remove the string of the code with the “powered_by_link” text.

remove powered by shopify

6. Save your changes.

save code

That’s all that you should do. Was it difficult? We are sure it was not.

Final thoughts

The Shopify platform is very flexible, easy-to-customize, and user-friendly. In this article, we tried to make its functionality more clear for you. Thank you for reading! We hope it was useful for you. Leave your feedback in the comments;)