LangShop + TxtCart

LangShop + TxtCart

We have amazing news for you! Now LangShop cooperates with the TxtCart application. This app provides services in the text marketing area. Are you looking for more sales and customer retention? We think you should definitely read about our new partner! 

Meet TxtCart

text marketing for your store

Store owners usually face the problem of the abandoned cart. This reduces the number of purchases and TxtCart is here to solve such problems.

The TxtCart app provides “a human-powered process to recover orders automatically in the background”. The most exciting thing about TxtCart is that merchants shouldn’t worry about the abandoned carts anymore. Installing the app they get a personal sales team that will communicate with customers via SMS in the background.

We all received standard messages sent by bots. They are rather annoying, aren’t they? SMS campaigns provided by TxtCart are automated by humans. They are more conversational and can inspire more confidence. Effective SMS marketing will help to increase sales for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

TxtCart features

  • Text abandoned cart recovery
  • SMS text marketing campaigns
  • Custom discount codes
  • Customers chat support

For further information, you can refer to the article – Set Up Successful Text Marketing for Your Shopify Store. It will give you more info about the TxtCart, its features, and work principles.

Stay tuned with TxtCart

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About LangShop

The LangShop app makes everything possible to provide translation services of the best quality for Shopify stores. Our team has developed an outstanding application with multiple opportunities for Shopify merchants.

LangShop features:

  • Translation by multiple translation drivers
  • Human professional translation
  • Customizable language and currency selectors
  • Store localization tools

The main advantage of the LangShop is the number of supported languages – 241 languages are available for Shopify merchants. Furthermore, there are 80+ supported currencies. So, if you are looking for a translation and localization application – install LangShop