LangShop + Avada Partnership

LangShop + Avada Partnership

We are glad to announce our partnership with PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ app by AVADA Commerce. We hope this cooperation will be productive for both of us.

Meet Avada

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AVADA Commerce

The PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ app helps Shopify merchants to create multiple templates for their billing documents such as orders, invoices, shipping labels, refunds, and much more.

Do you want to send your customers PDF invoice documents? Order Printer+ app can provide you with such a tool with the help of what you can create a custom invoice template with your business name, address, phone, email contact, registered number, and more features you’d like to include in your doc. Your customers can easily download PDF billing documents, print them out online, and get the details about orders they’ve made.

The app can send email notifications with PDF attachments. The most exciting thing about Order Printer+ is that the app supports 70 languages and multiple currencies that you can attach in your PDF invoice file. The app can easily detect customer’s language and send invoices with detailed info about purchased orders in their native language. 

When you’re running an e-commerce business today, the invoice plays an essential part in making a successful transaction between the buyer and the store owner. Order Print+ offers unlimited PDF templates you can choose from, and style them accordingly. If you still want to edit your custom template, you can do it on the liquid level directly in your theme code. Upon styling your perfect invoice, you can preview a PDF-template in one-click.

Selling products on Shopify and need to print lots of invoices? Avada Commerce created the app with printing PDF docs in bulk. Create different style templates and stamp your papers at the same time. Have you ever thought of keeping all paid orders on external storage? The app allows delivering your price documentation to Google Drive, FTP, or SFTP.  

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About LangShop

LangShop: Translate&Currency

If you are our user, you can safely skip this point:) Anyway, we would like to say a few words about the LangShop app.

LangShop provides translation solutions for Shopify users. It is in the top-10 translation applications in the Shopify store. LangShop has multiple features that will help you to create a multilingual and localized website.

Features we are proud of

  • Multiple types of translation: Auto, Manual, Pro, and Agency translation.
  • The largest list of supported languages: 241 languages are available for our users for translation.
  • Translation of ALL types of content 9including checkout)
  • Localization tools: auto-redirect, translation of tags, etc.
  • 80+ currencies

The LangShop team cares about its users and tries to implement the newest technologies that can improve the quality of translation. This is evidenced by numerous updates, integrations, and partnerships

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LangShop continues growing and developing. Therefore, multiple features will be added soon. And now we are just happy that now our users get acquainted with such a great application as PDF Invoice: Order Printer+.