[App Review] SEO Booster – Effective Tool To Auto Optimize Traffic

[App Review] SEO Booster – Effective Tool To Auto Optimize Traffic

We are glad to announce that LangShop has partnered with the SEO Booster application. Our teams prepared a special offer for our users. You will find detailed info below. And now, let’s say a few words about our partner.

SEO Booster – an outstanding application that helps to optimize websites according to search engine requirements. It’s a real must-have who wants to improve e-business and become more visible to Google.

5 steps to optimize Shopify store with SEO Booster

Step 1: Install SEO Booster

The first way is to go to the Shopify App Store and download the tool. But there is also another way – the Apps section of LangShop.

!Special offer for LangShop users! Together with the SEO Booster, we prepared a special proposition! Installing the SEO Booster – SEO Marketing app from the Apps tab you will get a 30-day free trial instead of 7 days.

Step 2: Pass the first steps provided by the application

They allow you to start basic optimization from the very beginning of work with the app. When you pass the steps proposed by the SEO Booster, the admin will be available for you.

Step 3: Think about meta tags

Meta tags are used by search engines to show the info about your store, product, collection, etc. in search results. This, in turn, increases click-through rates and engages customers. Therefore, meta tags must be filled with titles and descriptions.

The Booster will save your time significantly. Just enable the Auto Bulk Edit SEO in the admin and create a template (for a product, collection, blog, etc.). Now, meta titles and descriptions will be filled and updated automatically every day.

Step 4: Boost image search

How search engines can understand what is your images about? Everything is very simple – every image has alt text that informs search systems about the content of your image. If some media files miss the alt text, SEO Booster will define them and you can fill them manually.

Furthermore, the Pro plan allows filling the appropriate fields automatically. 

Step 5: Optimize website’s URLs

The first impression is always matters. It works for e-business too. When customers open a store for the first time, the first impression can keep their attention or create a negative experience. Especially, if it concerns the situation when a customer sees a 404 error.

To avoid such situations, you should check and optimize URLs.

  • Auto-scan and fix broken links – in the URLs optimization section click on the Check now. After a while, the undetected dead links will be listed on the page below. Now, you can fix them.
  • Auto-scan long links – the same situation with a long link that consists of more than 128 characters. Just click Check now and the app displays incorrect links. 

In this simple way, all URLs will be optimized.

Unique content and keywords

In addition to the described features, the app also helps with content significantly. Go to the Content Optimization section.

Having a duplicated content can harm rankings. What is the problem with such kind of content? While ranking websites, search systems can be confused by similar text and, therefore, leave it far behind in search results or even to ignore.

So, this situation is also under control! SEO Booster searches for duplicate content and informs website owner.

What else can this application do? The next amazing feature is Keyword research. This option gives you the ability to check the correctness of particular keywords and track the interest generated by every keyword.

For further information refer to the app’s Help Center.

Note: Let us remind you that all features can be performed automatically if you use the Pro plan. SEO Booster covers a wide range of SEO services for website optimization. We counted not all of them. If you want to learn more about the app, visit its official website or try it on your store. Don’t forget, that a 30-days free trial is available for LangShop clients;)