How To Receive Online Orders From All Over Europe: Success Story Of An Italian Dance Wear Brand

How To Receive Online Orders From All Over Europe: Success Story Of An Italian Dance Wear Brand

Recently, we’ve got a 5.0 overall rating on Shopify App Store. It’s a real achievement for the LangShop team. We went to this for a long time. Anyway, it obliges us to work harder because our team wants to strengthen this result as much as possible. 

In the meantime, we continue working on the rating, let us share with you a new interview with our client. 

LangShop provides an opportunity to translate Shopify shops into 241 languages. Recently, we wrote about a Japanese merchant that starts selling across the world by translating their store into English.

Read the article here: Success Story.

Today, in this article, we are going to show you an example of a store that start selling across Europe. So, let’s read the story and find out what does our client thinks about the LangShop app.

Brief info:

Interview with client

Taras: Hello, Carlotta!

Carlotta: Good morning.

Taras: Please, tell us a little about you and your Shopify shop.

Carlotta: My name is Carlotta Pia and I am president and designer of the Dance Wear street Chic brand “Non posso, ho danza”. My brand is aimed at the dancers and dance audiences. It is an exclusively “made in Italy” product. Particular clothing, you can wear in your free time and also dance. It is street-chic clothing. We offer leotard, sweatshirt, tees, pants, always with a particular mood.

Taras: That’s great. So, you chose LangShop. Why did you decide to translate your shop?

Carlotta: Since July we have transferred our e-commerce site to Shopify and hence the need to address the entire European community by translating into 3 languages, Italian, English, French.

After trying some apps we chose Translate & Currency – LangShop for its simplicity and effectiveness in translating pages.

Taras: And how does it work? Did you have any problems with the app?

Carlotta: It works very well !!! The app’s 24/7 assistance is terrific. We have asked for assistance a few times, solving any problem. We are very happy with this choice and recommend it to all those who need to translate their e-commerce site. Hope this app will always improve and progress.

Taras: Sure, we will:) So, did LangShop help you to reach your aims?

Carlotta: Of course! We are receiving online orders from all over Europe now.

Taras: Glad to hear that.Thank you, Carlotta, for your time!

On this positive note, we want to say thank you for your wishes and feedback. This inspiring story of our client shows that Shopify stores can sell abroad without difficult solutions. The only thing you need is a correct tool.

LangShop can be such a tool. Especially, with new features of human translation and usage of translation professional drivers. Furthermore, we continue developing and improving the app. So, the quality of translation and speed of work will become better with every update. Would you like to get orders from multiple European countries? Try to translate your e-shop into target languages with the LangShop help;)