How To Start Upselling With Candy Rack App

How To Start Upselling With Candy Rack App

Good news for all Translate and Currency users who want to increase the profit of their online store – from June 2021 Candy Rack App by Digismoothie can support currency conversion from Translate and Currency App by LangShop.

Candy Rack – One Click Upsell is an app that allows you to upsell and cross-sell products and services in your store when your customer clicks on the “Add to cart” button. If you are thinking about launching an upsell strategy, download Candy Rack App from Shopify App Store. Feel free to visit the preview store to see how it works live.

This article will help you with your first steps to creating your upsell strategy.

STEP 1: Download Candy Rack App from Shopify App Store

You can download Candy Rack App from Shopify App Store or click on the “Apps” section of the Translate and Currency App and continue to the “Apps with integration” section.

! Attention to the limited offer for LangShop users only – if you install the App from the “Apps” tab of Translate and Currency App, you can get Candy Rack App with a 50% discount and a 30-day instead of a 14-day free trial.

STEP 2: Follow the text instruction displayed after installing the application.

Once you successfully install the app you will see a short text guide with an explanation of how to set up your first upsell offer. Basically, what you should do is to follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the “New Upsell” button placed in the upper right corner

2. Choose one of the upsell options

To create a simple product upsell offer click on the first option

3. Create a name for your upsell, choose the product you want to be displayed, and the product(s) which this chosen upsell product should be displayed for

4. Click save and go to your online store to see how it works

For a more detailed description of how to create your first upsell offer please visit this comprehensive guide.

STEP 3: Think about your upsell strategy

Generally, the recommended number of upsell offers is from 3 to 4 for one product – one true upsell, one cross-sell, one smart auto upsell and one service upsell would be a perfect combination for your products. Below you can find the perfect example of upsell strategy for the liquid foundation.

If you are not willing to create an upsell offer for all products on your website, you can benefit from the Smart Auto Upsell which will automatically display offers based on Shopify Product Recommendations API

STEP 4: Create a service up-sell/cross-sell

Great way to boost your revenue with some extra cash. With Candy Rack you can offer for example the following service upsells:

  • Gift Packaging – to offer a special wrapping to the selected products
  • Custom Gift Note – to add a personal note to the selected products
  • Extended Warranty – to offer an extended warranty to the selected products
  • Premium Email Support – to offer your customers a superior service
  • First in Line – to process the order faster than usual and ship it as a priority
  • Incognito Shipping – to offer a brand-free packaging and shipment
  • Custom service – to add any service of your wish

The Service Upsells are worth checking if you think you can monetize some of the services you are already able to offer.

STEP 5: Customize wording and colors

You can change the wording on your upsell pop-up to make the deal more attractive.

For example, you can make the title sound like:

  • Don’t forget some other must-haves
  • Get them together now
  • Best together with
  • Have you seen those too??
  • Hottest deals
  • Last chances

In the App settings you can also customize the pop-up to match your store design. You can change the button color or add custom CSS.

If you are not very technical, feel free to contact the Digismoothie (the Candy Rack App) support team, they will be happy to help you with your App customization and all other issues you are facing while using the App.