LangShop Enterprise Plan: All Exciting Questions you might wonder

LangShop Enterprise Plan: All Exciting Questions you might wonder

In an attempt to suit every individual business needs, it’s important to offer different packages of service for different prices. It allows businesses to achieve their goals with minimal expenses and maximum profit. Being one of the leaders among translation services for Shopify merchants, LangShop follows the best service practices, including pricing options rendering. In other words, LangShop allows eCommerce businesses of all types and sizes to expand their borders and go global. 

And today we’re going to discuss an all-inclusive-and-even-more plan for those who appreciate convenience and top functionality at a reasonable price. LangShop Enterprise is a plan made to supply businesses with a full range of services within one app. But what exactly LangShop Enterprise offers and why world-known brands choose this plan for their multilingual website? Let’s dive into LangShop Enterprise together!

LangShop Enterprise features

LangShop Enterprise gives access to the full potential of the app. With it, you can enjoy all the features available on other LangShop plans:

  • Add up to 20 additional languages to your store

LangShop supports 241 languages and dialects, so you can find the needed languages to enable on your store. However, the fact that Shopify allows merchants to sell in up to 20 languages from a single store should be taken into consideration.

  • Translate the whole store using AI machine, pro, manual and agency translation methods

Depending on the translation quality and speed needed, you can translate your Shopify store using one of the 4 available methods or take an advantage from their combination.

  • Benefit from multilingual SEO

Make your translated website versions visible to foreign audiences by optimizing them for search engines. Translate meta tags and URLs, add hreflang tags and localize content via manual editing.

  • Add customizable language and currency switchers

According to the best SEO practices, a multilingual store should have switchers, so customers could easily choose the website version they will understand, and search engines could better recognize the language version to display before the visitors of different locales.

  • Add unlimited number of currencies

Offer your buyers the currencies they get used to and decrease cart abandonment rate.

  • Use glossary, translation history and translation suggestions

Set rules to translate terms and brand names correctly, restore previous translations using history features and choose the best translation variant via translation suggestions.

  • Export and import translations

Export and import your translations in one click.

  • Enable automatic translation for new products and collections

Enable LangShop Flow to run translations automatically according to the current settings when a new product or collection is added.

Besides, LangShop Enterprise is more focused on client-oriented service, so any request or query is considered individually and in the highest priority. 

LangShop Enterprise gives an opportunity to utilize the app on the terms you get used to and achieve the needed result by all means, so the specific services are offered to Enterprise plan users:

  1. Specific financial offers
  2. Dedicated support

Specific financial offers

Our clients’ convenience is the top priority for LangShop. That’s why one of our best plans offers a number of financial options to meet your business needs. With LangShop Enterprise you can:


  • Sign a custom contract to attain maximum benefit for your business or comply with other agreements;
  • Receive invoicing for reporting;
  • Opt for custom payment (net) terms and choose the pay period suitable for you.

With LangShop Enterprise you don’t need to rearrange financial plans or put up with unfavorable conditions. Our team is always ready to work closely with you to find a desired solution for achieving impressive results for your business.

Dedicated support

Spectacular layouts and multi-functional operation of the multilingual store elements require much work and expertise in coding. Our best support specialists 24/7 are ready to give a hand no matter how complicated the task is. The Enterprise plan users receive dedicated support, which includes:

  1. Onboarding with an expert - have a call with screen sharing with our specialists to achieve the required result;
  2. One-on-one training - get useful knowledge about the app features and their configuration at personal training with the support agent. The trainings are provided upon request;
  3.  Account manager - make sure you always have a person to resolve your concerns, provide necessary help and take actions in accordance with your interests;
  4. Feel calm with 99% uptime.

To resolve any doubts about LangShop Enterprise, you can request a demo store. 

What businesses does LangShop Enterprise suit?

LangShop Enterprise suits any business which wants to achieve maximum profit by using the app. It provides access to the full range of LangShop services and is focused on supporting users throughout the whole way to build a successful global business. So if you are looking for a multifunctional translation app to suit all your business needs, including some specific terms, consider subscribing to LangShop Enterprise!

How can I enable LangShop Enterprise?

Simply contact us. After a short consultation our manager will calculate the price for you according to the desired services. Also, during the consultation you can ask all the questions you have and determine if LangShop Enterprise is the best option for you. 

Have any doubts? Contact Us and opt for consultation, it’s absolutely free!