[App Review] Why Pick Bold Product Options to Give Your Clients Multiple Choices?

[App Review] Why Pick Bold Product Options to Give Your Clients Multiple Choices?

Description: Use the Bold Product Options to integrate dropdown menus, radio buttons, swatches, checkboxes, and even uploading files to customize items. Let your customers feel like creators!

People prefer to have options; they prefer to choose from multiple colors and sizes or merely compare similar items to select the one that suits their needs best. 

Different product options make your customers feel like they purchase the product that meets all their requirements and stands out from others. Using Bold Product Options will provide improved shopping experiences for your customers. 

What is the Bold Product Options app?

With lots of 5-star reviews, the Bold Product Options app has already earned a lot of trust from many Shopify stores. This is a helpful tool for shops to give their customers as many options as possible while choosing the products. Customers have an opportunity to tailor the desired products as per their preferences, including product color, size, logo, and other options or customizations.

What options can you add to your store?

Bold Product Options is focused on three main goals – providing unlimited options to your customers, cross-selling other products to increase the average product price, boosting sales, and optimizing the order process so that clients could edit options even after adding products to their cart. 

The application allows your store to add various options like :

  • Dropdown menus
  • Radio buttons
  • Image swatches
  • Date pickers
  • File uploads
  • Text areas
  • Checkboxes

The “upload files” option deserves special attention since it allows shoppers to create their custom items by adding files with the desired images, logos, etc. 

In addition to the previous ones the app has some premium features: 

  • a customizable design so you can change the app’s style according to your store’s brand via CSS; 
  • conditional logic that will offer only the right options for customers and hide inappropriate ones;
  • gift wrapping, monograms, and engraving will charge you some additional fees. 

Bold Product Options’ prices

With a 14-day free trial, the app offers you two plans for reasonable prices.

Basic plan includes unlimited options like file uploads, design customizations, and all the options besides image swatches.

Premium plan provides a conditional logic, a possibility to edit the options that client adds to their cart, image and color swatches, and flexible prices.

Plan Basic Premium
Cost $19.99 per month $49.99 per month


High-quality products and available prices will attract customers to your store, but without finding the exact size or color they will quickly leave without making a sale. As a result, you risk reducing your conversions and decreasing your sales. Multiple product options are the key to delivering the best shopping experience to your shoppers.