[App Review] Generate more revenue from every store visit with PickyStory

[App Review] Generate more revenue from every store visit with PickyStory

It’s a struggle that every e-commerce merchant faces – how do you push your customers to add more products to their orders? Given that driving traffic to your store is a challenge in itself, it’s critical to your success that you make the most of every customer once they’re browsing your products. So, how do you squeeze those additional products into your customers’ carts? Luckily, we have found a great solution.

What is PickyStory?

PickyStory is an e-commerce sales automation platform with a top-rated bundles and deals app on Shopify. PickyStory gives you the tools needed to control and automate every aspect of your e-commerce sales, from creating a new campaign, to displaying a deal on your site, to monitoring and analyzing the results.

generate more revenue

New Shopify merchants can easily set up product deals to display throughout their store in a matter of minutes, to help quickly recuperate some of the costs associated with opening a new online store. More established brands can use PickyStory’s powerful discount engine and storefront API to set complex pricing and discount rules, while creating a front-end experience that stays completely on-brand.

What are the top features of PickyStory?

1. Display deals on any page in your store

PickyStory offers a diverse selection of different deals which can be used throughout your store. With so many flexible deal options, you’re bound to find an effective solution that works for you and your customers.

Multiple deals

Examples include: 

  • Bundles made up of similar/related products which can be displayed as add-ons on your existing product pages or as a pop-up
  • Looks for inspiring customers with an entire outfit or set of products, and can be shown on your product pages, or as a beautiful, shoppable gallery page
  • Bundle builders that let your customers create their own product bundle from a group of products (curated by you), displayed anywhere on your store
  • Kits where you can apply tiered discounts that incentivize your customers to buy more
  • Combo products made up of several products, grouped together and sold as one product in your store, which can be added to collections and just like regular products

2. Set complex discount rules, easily

PickyStory also allows you to create sophisticated and complex discount rules. You can set a percentage or value-based discount, or offer several products for a set target price. Set product minimums so that discounts are only applied on your terms, and even offer tiered discounts to encourage customers to scale-up their orders.

Frustrated by Shopify’s limitations around applying only one discount code to each order? PickyStory’s flexible discount system allows your customers to stack multiple PickyStory deals together, or even combine a PickyStory deal discount with a storewide discount applied via a coupon. 

3. Inventory auto-syncs with Shopify

For all PickyStory deals, no new SKUs are created and instead, your original product SKUs are accounted for. The app auto-syncs your inventory from Shopify, and products of course can’t be purchased through bundles or deals if they are out of stock. Plus, there’s no need to go through the painful process of manually updating your inventory!

4. Fully customizable to suit your brand

As well as being compatible with any Shopify theme, deals created through PickyStory can be customized to match your brand’s fonts, colors, style, and messaging. When added to pages in your store, they will look like they have been there all along! If you have a custom Shopify theme, PickyStory’s storefront API lets you power deals with PickyStory, but create your own custom front-end experience.

How does pricing work?

PickyStory uses a simple pricing strategy based on your store’s Shopify plan. All plans come with access to all of PickyStory’s amazing deals and features, plus a 14-day free trial to get started.


PickyStory + LangShop

PickyStory also has an exciting new integration with LangShop, which means that LangShop users can easily translate discount messaging, product information, and call-to-action text in PickyStory widgets directly from their LangShop dashboard.

How to get started with PickyStory

To start generating more revenue, all you need to do is install the PickyStory app to your Shopify store, create your deals, and drag and drop them to the desired locations on your website. Then you can sit back and use the PickyStory analytics dashboard to monitor and track the performance of your deals – it’s that easy! 

Install the PickyStory app to start growing your e-commerce sales today.