6 Top-Rated Language Translation Apps for Shopify Stores in 2023

6 Top-Rated Language Translation Apps for Shopify Stores in 2023

  1. Language Translator ‑ LangShop
  2. Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate
  3. G | translate Shop Translator
  4. Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot
  5. Translate My Store & Currency
  6. Language Translate ‑ Transcy

Why should you use a translation app?

Ecommerce business nowadays requires a huge effort and capital investment to consolidate its positions in the market. Merchants have to look for new approaches and opportunities to expand their markets and increase revenue. To remain competitive, clear and distinct communication becomes indispensable. That’s why multilingual content turns out to be a significant part of success.

Multi-language content contributes a lot in three core merits for any business:

  • Foreign Customers Engagement
  • Revenue Growth
  • Brand Reputation Maintenance

Shopify is the best platform for creating a multilingual online store, as it offers the translation option with the help of different translation apps. Merchants are allowed to choose the most suitable one, which meets their needs and financial capabilities.

In this article, we’ll describe the 6 most popular and productive translation apps for Shopify stores and identify their advantages and disadvantages. Besides, the honest comparison needs all aspects to be included, so the pricing and core terms points are also mentioned. Let’s get it started!

6 Best Language Translation Apps for Shopify Store in 2023

1. Language Translator ‑ LangShop

  1. The most diverse translation options:
  • AI machine translation by top translation engines like Google, Baidu, Yandex, etc., with the option to choose from the translation suggestions from each of them. 
  • Manual translations allow you to edit translations to make them more accurate.
  • The possibility to order agency translation right inside the app to get your content translated manually by professionals.

2. With LangShop, you can translate ALL your store content, including the checkout page, email templates, packing slip template, third-party apps content, AND images (set different images for each language).

3. Integration with Google Pro and DeepL Pro drivers to deliver the translations of the highest quality.

4. Supports 241 languages (including RTL languages) and 80 most popular world currencies, and has no limits on the number of words & pageviews. 

5. Integration with Native Shopify Translation API 

6. Translation history is available forever to have a full track of changes made. 

7. Language and currency (country) switcher available on any plan. They can be easily customized to go perfectly with your store design. 

8. Multilingual SEO means that you will have a unique URL for each language, meta tags, desc. tags etc. detected and translated, multilingual alternate links “hreflang”.

9. Detects visitors’ location & displays their preferred language and currency of the store automatically at their first visit.

10. Integration with Shopify Flow makes it possible to automatically translate new products and collections saving your time and effort. 

  1. Provides not the most diverse currencies choice.
  2. Doesn’t provide automatic translations of all store components on the Free plan.

Pricing: Free plan available (1 additional language, automatic translation for 50 products and collections, manual translation). Paid plans start from $10/month. A 14-day trial.

2. Translation Lab ‑ AI Translate

translation lab
  1. Translation Lab provides both AI-powered automatic translations and manual translations allowing you to edit translations if needed.
  2. Supports 160+ world currencies
  3. Supports Native to Shopify translation that allows to seamlessly translate Shopify store components
  4. With Translation Lab, you can translate all pages in your store, including checkout.
  5. Detects the preferred language of your store visitor and loads your store in the most appropriate language.
  6. Supports import/export of product translations in CSV format.
  7. Multilingual SEO optimization.
  8. You can migrate your theme translations from one theme to another.
  1. Doesn’t support third-party app translation.
  2. Doesn’t support media translation features.
  3. Translation history is unavailable.
  4. Uses only one translation engine that’s why you can’t choose from translation suggestions of different engines.
  5. Not possible to order professional human translation.
  6. There are limitations on the number of translated words per month.
  7. No integration with pro translation drivers like Google Pro or DeepL which provides the most accurate translations. 

Pricing: Free plan allows you to translate up to 2,000 words, paid plans start from $9.99/month, up to 100,000 words per month.

3. G | translate Shop Translator

G translate Shop Translator
  1. Provides Google automatic translation (even on the Free plan). 
  2. No limits for language count, word count, and the number of page views.
  3. With the app, you can translate 3rd party apps easily.
  4. Advanced SEO features, URLs translation, and supports subdomain for each language
  5. Translates the checkout page.
  6. The feature to add skip phrases that shouldn’t be translated. 
  7. Manual corrections of translations (only for paid plans)
  8. Analytics dashboard showing users’ activities, top countries, and top pages. 
  1. No currencies conversion
  2. Doesn’t permit media translation.
  3. No advanced customizations of the switchers. 
  4. No translation history feature.
  5. Not possible to order professional human translation.
  6. No diversity of translation engines, limited only to the Google engine. No integration with pro translation drivers. 
  7. Doesn’t support the import/export of translations feature.
  8. Doesn’t permit automatic translations of new products and collections.

Pricing: Free plan is available. Paid plans start from  $9.99/month for 1 additional language, neural translation, and edit translation feature.

4. Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot

  1. Provides the first layer of automatic translation instantly without messing with the code. 
  2. The translated content can be edited manually or with human translation service.
  3. Supports more than 100 languages.
  4. Weglot translates all the store content including checkout, email notifications, and dynamic content.
  5. Multilingual SEO provides unique URLs for Google and automatic hreflang tags.
  6. New content is automatically detected and translated.
  7. Possible to customize language button to fit a store design.
  1. Plans have a limited number of words (up to 2,000 for free, up to 10,000 for the Starter plan, etc.).
  2. No currencies conversion.
  3. No manual translation, only editing. 
  4. When translating anew, the existing content is always overwritten.
  5. Doesn’t support third-party app features.
  6. Difficult settings for email notifications translation.

Pricing: Free plan allows you to translate up to 2,000 words, paid plans start from $15.00 per month for 1 additional language and up to 10,000 words use.

5. Translate My Store & Currency

Translate my store and currency
  1. Provides auto AI translation, which adds new content translations automatically.
  2. The app’s selector supports 160+ themes and counting, with language & currency auto-redirection.
  3. Translate My Store & Currency is SEO-friendly, as translations are recognized by locale-aware URLs.
  4. Integration with Shopify, which renders translations and optimizes the app work.
  5. Translate My Store & Currency offers in-app CSV/Excel export-import
  6. It’s allowed to set glossaries, so the app could translate proper nouns correctly.
  7. Detects and displays language based on a website visitors’ browser language.
  1. Words number limitation for different plans.
  2. There’s no integration with translation agencies, you have to search for the translator yourself.
  3. Doesn’t translate some image types (theme hero images, etc.).
  4. Doesn’t translate tags, vendors, and product types.
  5. While this platform automatically translates your site, it is not uncommon for language errors to occur. 
  6. Doesn’t permit third-party app features

Pricing: Free plan is available; it allows you to translate up to 1,000 words monthly (extra 20,000 words for 1st-time users). Paid plans start from $9.99 per month for 30,000 words monthly.

6. Language Translate ‑ Transcy

  1. AI machine translations of your store content without the limits on the number of words & pageviews. 
  2. Automatic translations of new content of your products and collections.
  3. Supports 111 languages and 167 currencies.
  4. Using Transcy you can translate all kinds of content: Homepage, Collection pages, Product pages, Cart page, Checkout page, Blog, Articles.
  5. Google API and Shopify language API integration.
  6. Translates content from 3rd-party apps (reviews widget, notification, pop-ups, shipping bar, and so on).
  7. Image “Translation” which means you can add a specific image for every translation
  8. Customizable switchers to perfectly fit your store design. 
  9. Follows the best SEO practices so that search engines index your store in every additional language.
  1. Manual editing of the translations is restricted by the pricing plans.
  2. Doesn’t support translation history.
  3. There is no possibility to browse through translation suggestions from different translation engines like Google, Baidu, etc., to choose the best one.
  4. Import/export of translations is unavailable.
  5. No option to order professional human translations. 

Pricing:  Free plan is available; it allows you to add 1 language and 1 currency. Paid plans start from $9.9/month for adding 2 languages & 167 currencies.  A 7-day trial.


There are a lot of translation apps available for Shopify business, the only challenge is in recognizing the most suitable one for your store. The right decision is to define the key features the translation app should have, whether it’s price, support service, languages available, or good reputation. Each of these apps has strong and weak points but is considered to be the best on the Shopify platform. 

Be sure to choose the app with multiple features, to fully take advantage of all multilingual opportunities with ease!