[App Review] Quick Announcement Bar

[App Review] Quick Announcement Bar

Keeping customers informed of your business updates, promotions and special events is a key element of customer relationship management.  The easiest way to keep customers informed is to use an advertising banner on your store’s pages.

What is Quick Announcement Bar

The application that will display quick ads was developed by Hextom just to improve communication with customers, increasing their loyalty and thus increasing purchases.

The easy-to-use Quick Announcement Bar application is as easy to install as possible and does not require any further programming. Everyone will be able to take full advantage of its functionality.

Quick Announcement Bar features

This app is very useful for Shopify owners to attract more customers and promote their products. Moreover, this app always updates your stores with “Holiday” and “Event” themes so that your customers are aware of promotional offers for upcoming holidays. And it’s also worth noting that promotions help drive customer management and increase conversion rates.

Another useful feature of the app is advanced targeting, which offers targeted discounts based on countries, products/collections, periods, social networks, optimizing your revenue from promotions.

Quick Announcement Bar pricing

Like most Hextom applications, Quick Announcement Bar has two use cases. The first one is entirely free. This tariff allows you to set up a banner on any page of the store and in any place of it. The second one – for a fee – includes all the features of the free plan but also allows you to add animation and fine-tune everything for your target customer. However, there is also the option of an annual subscription, which can help you save a little money

CostFree$9.99 per month$99 per year

In conclusion, it is worth emphasizing once again that interaction with customers is maximally important for good business development. And it is good that there are ready-made solutions in the application market to simplify communication.