[App Review] Free Shipping Bar: App’s Features

[App Review] Free Shipping Bar: App’s Features

Recent data shows that 88% of online shoppers would prefer to store with free shipping for all items at the online shop. Free shipping also provides convenience and inspires consumers to add more and more products and also to save money, of course.

What is Free Shipping Bar

Hextom has created a free shipping panel to encourage your deliveries and increase your profits. to help your business. This great app allows you to display a customizable dashboard and customize messages as customers put more items in their carts.

Besides, the app offers built-in metrics, and this can help store owners determine which goals and delivery methods result in the most sales.

The progressive bar message is thought to inspire consumers to put enough items in their cart to take advantage of free shipping services. After installing the app, users can flexibly customize the panel or customize the display bar to select the best rate for different countries. Also, a useful feature is that the success of each bar is recorded, so each campaign can be quickly measured. The basic plan is free, with the premium plan costing $9.99 per month for advanced features.

With their advanced targeting feature, application users can also customize their free shipping display well down to the basic demographic by:

  • Targeting based on the country
  • Targeting based on pages
  • Converting display rates into local currency using real-time exchange rates

The FSB supports customizable backgrounds and emojis and can be tailor-made for different screen sizes and resolutions.

PlanFreePer MonthBilledPer Year

How does Free Shipping Bar work?

So how does this work? For starters, the customer sees the free shipping offer on the retractable screen as well as additional messages if he buys multiple items, and gets a congratulations notification and he gets free shipping. All in all, this functionality is part of the free FSB package, which makes a difference.

Finally, the Free Shipping Bar gives consumers the ability to configure the bar freely to suit their style with holiday-related emojis, etc. If you can improve your revenue, simply install a free plan today with a click!