Product Filter & Search App By Boost Commerce: #1 Shopify App For Navigation And Search

Product Filter & Search App By Boost Commerce: #1 Shopify App For Navigation And Search

Whether you are selling online or offline, connecting shoppers with their desired products is of the utmost importance to boost sales. Product findability in cyberspace seems to be even harder due to the lack of human assistance.

That’s why store owners need to pay great attention to product filtering and site search, the easiest way for customers to narrow down the product lists online. Boost Product Filter & Search is the #1 app in the Shopify app stores that can help you with this.

This is a product from Boost Commerce, which provides filter and site search solutions from basic to advanced level for Shopify stores.

Boost offers unlimited filter menus for collections and search result pages with multiple advanced settings such as multi-selection, merging filter values … for filter options. You also find fundamental checkpoints like auto-suggestion, auto-complete, fallback search… for a site search app. Besides, there are multiple cutting-edge features, for example: merchandising to promote specific products with filter and search, insightful analytics to help you understand customer behavior via on-site navigation.

The app has many other tools to assist Shopify merchants in theme setting, layout switching, and third-party app integration.

A big plus point for Boost is the extensive pricing plans. SMBs can go for small plans starting at $19 with full access to all features. Higher plans with premium AWS infrastructure and priority support enterprise-level businesses are the best choice for enterprise-level e-commerce stores to serve the high traffic volume.

Currently, this is the leading app in the Navigation and Search category with 9000+ users, nearly 850 five-star reviews on the Shopify App Store.

Let’s dive into the core features of the Boost app to understand how it can enhance the shopper experience and increase sales online.

Main functionalities of the Boost app

Product Filter

Boost’s product filter is easy to customize as it has dynamic options. Users can use default filter options like collection filter, filter by size, by price, color, ratings…  using tags and meta fields to create whatever option they want.

There are two premade filter trees after you install the app, which saves you a lot of time for creating the product filter. However, it’s simple to start from scratch thanks to the step-by-step guidelines and the instant support via live chat, email, or phone call.

With the filtering solutions of the Boost app, you can also change the display of the filter options (whether it’s a box, list, color swatch, range slider, etc), display tooltips to explain industry jargon in the filter tree, and many more customizations in the storefront.

Site Search

Site search solutions of Boost take the search experience to the next level with a dropdown widget that shows smart suggestions

Users can promote certain keywords with Suggestion dictionary, merging different search terms to one search result using Synonyms, removing unnecessary words with Stop words to increase relevancy. The instant search widget of Boost Product Filter & Search also suggests collections, articles, pages and provides search redirects.

Moreover, thanks to an innovative system, the Boost app can offer real-time indexation and synchronization. The app works seamlessly at a blazing-fast speed of around 200ms for up to 100,000 products.

Also, with Merchandising feature, Shopify merchants have a lot more options for product promotion on search.


This feature allows Shopify merchants to automatically align marketing strategies with search and filter after they set up in-app merchandising conditions.

These conditions can be rule-based to apply for an item group or they can also be product ranking applied for a single product. In both categories, Boost users can set the timer and the priority level, which is convenient when sales strategies update regularly.


If the first three features provide tools to optimize conversion rates, Analytics is where you can verify their utility. Boost’s analytics show how much your online stores have earned via customers’ search and filter engagement. This is a crucial metric to know if the app is worth your investment.

In addition, you can have a better understanding of your customers with their search log and filtering activities. Search analytics reveal how e-shoppers think and describe your offerings while filter analytics allows you to know their favorite filter options. Thereby, you can initiate effective actions to boost sales, for example changing the content to match the customers’ preference.

Integration with LangShop

Recently, LangShop and Boost Product Filter & Search have formed an official partnership. This allows the mutual customers to seamlessly translate filter trees, search options, and other related text in the storefront into multiple languages using Dynamic Text of LangShop.

Exclusive offer:

We are happy to extend the regular 14-day free trial to a 30-day free trial to all LangShop merchants. Together with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no risk when giving it a go.

Note: The offer is only applied to the first-time users of Boost Product Filter & Search.

On top of that, as the two teams have been collaborating hand in hand, we can support you with any issue in a time manner.

Try Boost Product Filter & Search now if you are looking for a store navigation solution and it won’t let you down.