[App Review] Convert More Traffic With The Privy App

[App Review] Convert More Traffic With The Privy App

The Shopify app store is filled with useful apps that can help you grow your business. We decided to make a series of articles where we will consider some of the best applications.

So let’s start with Privy

For eCommerce stores with high traffic volume or those that target the entire world, the ability to segment users by cart value, geography, referral site, and language gives you the ability to personalize the pop-up form with the right messages and offers to increase sales.

The Privy is a service that has already earned a reputation for itself in eCommerce. It is used to lure and convert web-shop visitors to subscribers or even customers.

Privy’s Features

The main Privy feature is the deep integration with Shopify and Shopify Premium. Thanks to full and fast integration, it makes it possible to start the new live campaign in two clicks. You can run automatic split A/B tests to see which forms and copies work best and even add free shipping bars if the user is about to leave the checkout page.

Unlike other email growth apps, all of Privy’s features work right out of the box; they use a WYSIWYG editor to create everything, sync in real-time with your email provider, and, best of all, all of their forms, pop-ups, and emails look outstanding. The application is as simple as possible and does not require any additional knowledge and also does not require any coding. The application is tied to your store and tracks every visit, which helps to increase the list of your potential and existing customers.

For example, when a user tells you their email address to get free shipping, you can use a confetti overlay to enhance the excitement.

In terms of reporting, Privy will show all of each customer’s interactions with your forms, which form they interacted with, which forms they provided their information in, how many offers they accepted when they placed their orders, and the total amount spent.

Privy’s Cost

If you’re just starting and getting less than 5,000 page-views per month, you can use all of Privy’s features for free. If you get more than the Free amount, your price will depend on your traffic level, starting at $20 a month. Privy also has an email plan based on the number of email contacts in your account. Privy newsletter subscriptions start at just $10 a month.


Do you need the Privy?

The functionality that this app brings is essential. In case, if you have a small online store or are just starting, focus on the missing areas of your business. If it’s traffic, focus on Facebook ads; if it’s sales and lead generation, take a look at Privy. However, if you have a stable online store with daily sales and lots of visits, there’s no reason not to buy Privy.

Whatever the case may be, Privy is a great all-in-one solution for an online store.