[App Review] Facebook Channels by Shopify

[App Review] Facebook Channels by Shopify

At the moment, Facebook is the largest social network, the marketing opportunities of which must be used. At the same time, it must be remembered that Shopify is also an extensive eCommerce website with vast numbers of traders. This platform also supports the Facebook Shop and Facebook marketplace channels.

What is Facebook Channels by Shopify

The Facebook Channel offers all the resources that Facebook and Instagram use to effectively advertise and sell. Discover new ways for your company to develop and evolve and handle all your Facebook pages and products from one site.

Facebook Channels by Shopify Features

One-time account links to all shop items for Facebook where you can sell and advertise. Once your Shopify items are linked, they are automatically synchronized to your Facebook catalog. It includes information on all products on Facebook and Instagram that you choose. Besides, the app will quickly configure your Facebook pixel for a greater understanding of consumer conduct and traffic and help you develop successful marketing strategies. It helps to save business owners considerable time, thereby making shop fronts and orders organize instead of navigating to all platforms to manage merchandise.

Facebook Channels by Shopify Pricing

The application is free for installation. After installation, you should choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you. For example, for low-risk marketing, you can also use tools like social page posts to build brand loyalty and promote discount codes to your Facebook Page followers. And more other features according to the Facebook Ads pricing. After finishing the campaign setup, you can create ads for the target Facebook audience to help new customers find your online store. The ability to link your stores on two platforms makes it as easy as possible to operate your business and brings new customers. So Facebook Channels by Shopify is one of those apps that every seller should have in their arsenal.