[App Review] Increase Your Sales With Pop-up Notifications – Sales POP Master

[App Review] Increase Your Sales With Pop-up Notifications – Sales POP Master

We continue with a series of articles on useful applications for your online business. Besides, today we will look at an application that also aims to increase sales by encouraging new customers to buy.

What is Sales Pop Master?

Since now, online trading has reached a completely different level in terms of its popularity. More and more people are shopping online. Consequently, store owners began to wonder more often how they could attract a large audience, and thereby increase their sales.

Sales Pop Master is an effective tool for increasing the number of orders in your store. This application will provide notifications about orders and customer buying activity. Moreover, these statistics are shown to new customers in your store. They see how many people have bought a particular product. This helps build customer confidence. Buyers will have more confidence in purchasing a single item.

The purpose of showing statistics is to relieve the client of doubts, to show that you are a reliable seller with whom you can deal.

Sales Pop Master features

Let`s start by installing the app. It is as simple as possible, just a couple of clicks and after that, you can start working right away, without additional settings.

After installation, you will be able to create countdown banners for new anonymous users, collect and display statistics.

The main function of the application is to display pop-up notifications about sales, thereby generating “live” statistics of orders. Besides, such pop-ups are a strong confirmation that people are buying from you. This technique builds trust in the store, and therefore increases sales. You can also configure sending the same notifications to social networks. The application does not limit users in the number of notifications. Everything can be flexibly adjusted to fit your needs.

Sales Pop Master pricing

Unlike most of the reviewed applications in the earlier article, this is a paid one. However, it also has three tariff plans. The gradation of plans is to expand the functionality.

Cost$9.99 per month$14.99 per month$20.99 per month

Sales Pop Master is very suitable for each store to create engagement with customers. Use Sales Pop Master as a method to attract visitors and persuade them to buy more items, and the sooner you install it, the sooner you can take advantage of its benefits.