[App Review] Judge.Me

[App Review] Judge.Me

Review on a product or service is very important to raise your store’s rating and increase trust among customers. It also helps to control the quality of the provided products and in time the problems of customers with the products.

What is Judge.Me

Judge.Me is an app that can help you get reviews of products and sites. This app is great for getting more content on your website and make your shop more reliable.

Judge.Me features

The main function of the app is to create a toolkit for your store users to leave review about their experience with your products. That way they can share their thoughts and upload a photo or video. In addition, Judge.Me has a feature to collect reviews via email. Plus, collecting reviews positively affects your store’s ranking by search engines. Having reviews on product pages can help you show up more often in search results and rank for keywords mentioned in reviews.

Moreover, that’s not all the functionality. Judge.Me allows your customers to leave reviews directly on the page. In addition, some other features: marking verified reviews, easy organization of reviews, and even creating a separate tab for reviews on Facebook.

Judge.Me pricing offers two plans for users.  The first one is free. It has all the tools to create a working and convenient feedback system. This includes both reviews on the site, by mail, and conveniently organizing them. In addition, even in the free version the application provides SEO tools. In addition, after subscribing, users get the widest possible functionality for processing customer reviews with the addition of photos, videos, and group them.

Cost Free$15 per month

Keeping in touch with customers is very useful for business development. Do not lose sight of this when you’re planning any steps or changes to your business.