[App Review] Upgrade Your Shopify Store With Multiple Apps – Vitals | 40+ Apps in One

[App Review] Upgrade Your Shopify Store With Multiple Apps – Vitals | 40+ Apps in One

Launching a Shopify store often becomes a headache for many business owners, especially when there are many processes to control. To get the store more professional you usually need to use a lot of different apps with different functionality. After all, you install all of these apps and make it hard to promote your store.

If all of the above cases are about you we are glad to convince you otherwise and offer to ensure that all these processes can be faster and easier. The Vitals app will help you forget about using numerous apps and make your sales easier.

What is Vitals?

Vitals is a Shopify application that combines more than 40 other apps to expand the number of features for your store. Now you can get 40 different apps for the price of one. This is an all-in-one toolkit where you can find multiple apps’ features for the growth and optimization of your store.

Main Vitals’ features

After installing Vitals you can get “more” of such things as trust, conversions, enhancements, revenue, and subscribers. 

Social Proof

The Social Proof feature brings more trust to your store. It includes:

  • Collect, import, and display product reviews that will build confidence in your store. You can show your customers how many other shoppers just like them were happy to buy these products;
  • Trust badges and payment logos that will perfectly match your store’s interface and aware customers of the available payment methods;
  • Sales notifications about other’s purchases to drive customers to buy the products.

Boost conversions & revenue

To get more conversions and boost your revenue you can take advantage from:

  • Upsell Builder – allows to create of an upsell/cross-sell offer;
  • Countdown timer – it will automatically create FOMO (fear of missing out) for shoppers and as a result, make them buy more;
  • Pre-Orders – a useful option allowing your customers to order the desired products;
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One) – an effective discount type. You just offer your clients another free item after buying one.

Improve your store

Here are some other features that will make your Shopify store closer to clients all over the world:

  • Multicurrency switcher – an automatic currency converter to make customers feel comfortable knowing the exact price;
  • Instant search – an autocorrect predictive search tool aimed to help shoppers to find the desired item in a few seconds;
  • SEO alt tags – add the alt-tags to the product images and raise your store ranking.

More Subscribers

Capture more leads by offering them discounts which they can win in a fun way. Make them try their luck in the Wheel of Fortune to get some percent off the price. Also, the Pop-ups app and Announcement bars can bring more subscribers. 

To all of the above features, it is possible to add another one – a 4x improved store Loading Time. The fast loading speed is the most common and significant thing retaining the visitors.

Vitals’ pricing

Compared to other apps Vitals has a huge advantage – it saves a lot of money for its users providing a whole list of the various features. 

For the amount of $29.99 per month all of the features are included:

  • all 40+ apps;
  • unlimited usage of such functions as reviews, page requests, Facebook Pixels, etc.

To see how exactly the app will work there is a 30-day free trial.

Plan Free 30-day trial Pricing made simple
Cost Free $29.99 per month

Summing up

Different marketing & SEO technologies and secrets can bring new customers to your store. But there is a problem to use all the different apps at the time. Besides, it is expensive enough. That’s why it is much more profitable to have all of them in one app.