Success Story: How To Start Selling All Over The World With One Translation App – Pampshade

Success Story: How To Start Selling All Over The World With One Translation App – Pampshade

Do you think about being multilingual and selling abroad? Looking for a good application? Multiple Shopify users have already translated their sites and are selling all over the world. And they are ready to share their experience.

In this article, we want to tell you about our client and her story on the way to selling abroad.

Benefits of a multi language store

The first and the most popular reason why merchants start selling abroad it’s the audience and income growth.  

Namely, there are a few benefits you will get:

  • Your website will be open to the world market
  • Increase in the number of new buyers
  • Increase in sales and boost of income

Thousands of our users note the positive changes that happened to their store after installing the translation app. And it’s not just a saying. Potential users can visit the LangShop page and read reviews. Moreover, once we decided to ask our clients about their success story with LangShop. And our team was very glad to get positive feedback.

Interview with client

Today, we want to talk about one beautiful Shopify store – Pampshade. Our support manager Taras communicated with Yukiko Morita, the creator of Pampshade.

Pampshade store

We offer you to read their short interview:

Taras: Hello, Yukiko. Please, tell us in brief about your business, products, and audience.

Yukiko: Artisanal Bread Lamp. Which made from Real Bread!

Taras: That’s very interesting. And what challenges do you encounter making your site multilingual?

Yukiko: We had been operating 2 different websites in Japanese / English, but they were not customer-friendly construction. Also, it is too hard to control customer information and their orders.

Taras: How did you overcome these challenges?

Yukiko: We installed Langshop and came to operate one website in multilingual.

Taras: Thank you for your choice. And how does your business benefit from going multilingual with LangShop?

Yukiko: – It could be possible to let the people all over the world know and buy our product directly

– It could lead to increasing of visitors.

– Reducing the cost of operation.

Taras: Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you prosperity and further development of your business!

And here we would like to say Thank you to our client for the feedback!

How to create a multi language Shopify store

The Shopify platform creates the most comfortable conditions for doing business. Namely, it provides various applications that improve websites and help simplify and automate many processes.

If to speak about translation applications, you can also try LangShop. It’s a perfect tool because the app provides multiple translation features for an affordable price.

The setup process is super simple. You can make sure of this by watching the Quick Start video guide.

We also provide detailed user guides and 24/7 support. Free trial: 14 days.

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