[App Review] Consistent Cart – Instant Marketing Automation & Abandoned Cart Recovery

[App Review] Consistent Cart – Instant Marketing Automation & Abandoned Cart Recovery

Consistent Cart is a helpful tool that makes the marketing in your Shopify store faster and easier. While purchasing customers choose the products and add them to their cart. But, what usually happens, they leave it without completing the purchase. Consistent Cart will help you with this problem.

The application is designed to make instant and automated marketing and prevents abandoned carts by sending reminders to customers to complete an order.   

How does the app work?

The Consistent Cart application is a multifunctional solution that combines different functions. One of the main aims of the app is to facilitate the marketing process in your store and do all necessary things instead of you. That means once you’ve installed the app you received a great helper in Email marketing, SMS, and Push notifications. Consistent Cart allows you to launch an auto-pilot for all these processes and not to monitor them by yourself. Another key function is to recover an abandoned cart and remind customers to return and complete the purchase.

What main features does it have?

Once you have installed the app you have two activated options at your disposal: Activity Monitor – it collects all customers’ carts in your store, and Cart Sync – a synchronization of customers’ shopping carts with other devices. You can also activate other additional features.

The application offers its users a lot of useful features for their Shopify store:

  • Instant marketing automation
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Automated Email, SMS, Pop-Ups, Push notifications
  • Building a subscribers list
  • Increasing of the subscribers and conversions

So, the first one is built-in marketing automation. Namely, its essence is in an automated reaction to customers’ actions in your store. After the system has noticed these actions it can turn on / off some functions, such as showing ads to remind customers to complete checkout, sending automatic Emails, messengers’ notifications, or SMS with some reminders. Marketing automation is about increasing conversions by monitoring customers’ actions and sorting them to send the right messages.

Consistent Cart also pays customers’ attention to their carts. People tend to leave the checkout process incomplete after adding the products to their carts, so they become abandoned. To avoid such cases you need the next app’s feature – abandoned cart recovery. The system inspects all the abandoned carts and sends reminders to customers’ emails after 24 hours. There are 3 possible ways to send a reminder: Email, Push notifications, and SMS, all are automated

While providing services in your Shopify store you need to grow subscribers and conversions. For this, there is a helpful feature that identifies new subscribers and generates a list. The app can identify users’ emails and when their carts will be abandoned it will connect these users through the email workflow.

Pricing: what are the available plans?

There are four available plans in Consistent Cart: 

Free Trial

A 7-day free trial. It includes all the Pro plan features by default. After 7 days the price will be equal to the Pro plan’s price.

Free Plan

A free one. This plan allows to send a limited number of emails, have an access to a limited Live Activity, and provides a limited amount of growth tools. Besides the Free plan has some additional features with restrictions:

  • A limited amount of email sending – 250 per month, and a maximum number of contacts is limited to 50;
  • A Free Activity Monitor has a limited record of customers’ carts – up to 1000. After achieving the limit there won’t be any new records anymore;
  • The already recorded carts that are included in 1000 won’t be updated anymore.

Standard plan

For the amount of $29 you’ll have a Standard plan with the following features:

  • Abandoned cart sales recovery via Abandoned Cart Workflows with Email Series;
  • Up to 200,000 contacts;
  • Available Cart Sync and unlimited Activity Monitor features;
  • Available full growth tools & integrations;
  • Some integrations like Privy, Wheelio, Shopify Checkout Page;
  • Priority Support.

Pro plan

Including all the previous features the Pro plan gives you more extended ones:

  • You can recover abandoned cart sales using Abandoned Cart Workflows, Push & SMS notifications;
  • The number of contacts increases to 15x the contacts you have;
  • Complete integrations list (Wheelio, Pixelpop, Shopify Checkout Page, and some others).

The price for this plan is $99 per month. The Pro plan also provides such features as Email Series, Ticket Support and Live Chat, Priority Support, etc.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is the most full and has no limits. In this plan the amount of Emails, SMS, Push notifications, contacts is unlimited. These features can be completed with the following list:

  • Unlimited Activity Monitor feature;
  • Available Cart Sync feature;
  • Available full growth tools;
  • Ultra-Priority Support;
  • Full Integrations list.
CostFree$29 per month$99 per month$299 per month

Who needs it?

This application can be useful for all Shopify store owners. Since most leads come to your store through advertising on the internet the marketing automation can be extremely efficient in optimizing your ads budgets and saving your time.

Users reviews

Over 3300 positive reviews left from other users can give you an accurate idea of Consistent Cart services. You can read them and ensure yourself in all the app’s benefits. Make your marketing processes easy and automated.