[App Review] How To Get Free Traffic & Ads By Using Shopify App? Free Traffic & Ads By Varinode

[App Review] How To Get Free Traffic & Ads By Using Shopify App? Free Traffic & Ads By Varinode

Today, we would like to learn more about another useful application – Ads by Varinode, which is designed by Varinode, Inc. This app makes it easy to get your products/services in front of customers who are interested in them and, most importantly, are willing to buy.

What is Free Traffic & Ads

This is a great marketing app that helps e-commerce increase sales effectively while saving marketing expenses.  Ads by Varinode uses the terms Publishers and Advertisers for users to clarify their roles when using the app. Especially, this application provides you with the real-time publisher and advertiser insights for monitoring ad success and monitoring your advances.

Free Traffic & Ads Features

It helps you to display your product ads on partner stores in exchange for theirs displayed on your store. Such a marketing feature aimed at attracting new customers and driving high volume traffic to your webshop.  

To customize all your advertising banners, you will have a full tool kit. And moreover, you can do it on any store page.  It helps create an attractive look and feel for your online store and even increases the customer retention rate.

Key features:

  • Get more traffic by sharing product advertisements with other stores
  • Develop advertisements easily by importing goods to Shopify
  • Effectively categorized segment and aim clients
  • Measure the effectiveness of using real-time analysis for ad campaigns
  • Adjust the look and sound of your product advertisement flexibly

And now let’s look at the prices for the application.

Free Traffic & Ads Pricing

The software is installed free of charge. You will also begin showing the goods without being paid as trade advertisements. You just have to pay for paid advertising. However, please note that you pay for the increase in impressions: For Advertising via Varinode, you can use credit or cash to run the ads. You will be paying more as the ad experience becomes larger.

Anyway, by installing this application, you can significantly improve the conversion of your store. Install Ads by Varinode and experience its astonishing features forever at no charge!