Are You Ready for the New Langshop Release?

Are You Ready for the New Langshop Release?

In the past several months we were working really hard to bring up a major update of our Langshop application. This is not just a new version. This is a completely reworked app with the improved interface and a totally different approach to the integration with your online store.

The release date is Dec06-2019!

Here are some of the main features and improvements that will be available to you with the new Langshop:

Higher speed and performance

  • Modifications in the theme done by Langshop will be minimized. Which will minimize code conflicts and improve the loading speed.
  • Fewer javascripts and more API integrations. For faster work of your storefront.
  • Speed up of the Application dashboard. Faster than ever!

Better integration and translation quality

  • The combined power of several machine translation engines. For faster and more accurate translation.
  • Better integration of navigation menu translation. Your menus created in Shopify appear instantly on Langshop.
  • Full integration and translation of Legal, Checkout, Payment/Shipping methods, etc. All of these are now translated by the standard means without workarounds and javascripts.
  • Ability to set custom product and collection images on different languages. More flexibility for international customers.

More convenience

  • Translation analytics improvement. Control the progress of your store’s translation.
  • Translation history tracking. Get back to previous edits.
  • Reworked and more convenient app interface. Fast and simple access to the content of your store.
  • Internal search by translated content. For quick access to the needed element.
  • More SEO-friendly format of language representation. Language is now in the URL path, not in Hash or GET parameter.
  • Translation in background mode. Get notified when the process is complete.
  • Suggested automatic translation variants. Choose the one that matches the best.

We hope you enjoy the new Langshop. If you need any help with the translation of your store or configuration of the app, please feel free to reach our Support Team. We’ll be glad to help you at any step.