[App Review] Shopify’s Google Channel – A Quick Way to Reach Shoppers

[App Review] Shopify’s Google Channel – A Quick Way to Reach Shoppers

What is the most common product search tool among shoppers? Surely, it is Google Search. Thousands of shoppers search for the products on Google every day in order to find the right thing for a profitable price.

Since it is the most popular search tool it can attract more customers. That’s why we recommend you Google Channel –  a helpful Shopify application that helps to promote your products across Google.

What is Google Channel?

If you need to be noticed by a larger number of shoppers then Google Channel is a perfect marketing tool for you. It helps to attract new shoppers, promote your products, and track your campaign results. The app makes your products be on the top of the search and displayed for customers that are searching for similar products.

How Google Channel helps your store?

Aimed to bring your sales to a new higher level this app promotes your products by launching shopping campaigns that will advertise them on YouTube, Gmail, Search, and across Google’s Display Network.

So, the one thing to do is to launch a Smart Shopping campaign that will automatically synchronize your products with the Google Merchant Center. Then, you need to set up your daily budget. And that’s it! From now on Google will run the campaign and show the ads in front of the shoppers.

Google Channel also provides free listings on Google. Thanks to them you can get your product in front of the potential customers that are searching for the same products. These free listings are available for merchants in many countries.

Google Channel’s pricing

The app is free to install but there are some charges for the campaign. The Smart Shopping campaign does not have any fixed price. It depends on your daily campaign budget. You will only pay for the clicks on your ad. The minimal recommended budget to set up starts from $5.

Plan Free to install Pay per click
Cost Free Your daily campaign budget

Google advertising is a good way to sell products efficiently. While selling on your store you additionally get the shoppers coming from other Google services. This increases the chances that buyers while looking for similar products will select yours. Make your store work on you!