[App Review] Turn Your Store Visitors Into Customers With POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

[App Review] Turn Your Store Visitors Into Customers With POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

The modern e-commerce industry is moving forward every day and installing new rules for successful commercial projects. Nowadays many Shopify store owners need to make more efforts to retain their customers and to stay at the top positions in the search.

Therefore, it is not enough just to attract people to the store by offering high-quality products and available prices. Today you need to convert these visitors into customers and launch efficient marketing to bring them back to your store again and again. For this purpose, we offer you to try the POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof application.

Why do you need this app?

POP! app’s primary goal is to help your Shopify store attract and retain as many subscribers as possible. This will drive traffic and increase sales and conversions. But these factors are not everything if you want to get the best result selling the products. The solution lies in well-thought-out marketing that will help you stay in constant contact with customers and keep bringing them back.

What features can you get?

The POP! app creates automatic notifications about the products left in your store and helps to establish a confident and long-term relationship with clients thanks to the Social Proof feature.

Also, the app gives actual statistics to show people what others buy. It creates FOMO (fear of missing out) and urgency and this convinces customers to purchase in your store.

Using this app you will get the next features:

  • Sales Notifications about new products;
  • Pop-ups about the number of visitors viewing the same page;
  • Alerting customers how many products are left;
  • Changeable design of the Pop-ups;
  • GeoLocation feature to show the products available in the customers’ area;
  • Customer Support.

You will be able to keep the customers in constant awareness about the actual products, notifying them via pop-ups. There are two types of Pop-ups: the Order one and the Add To Carts.

All the pop-up notifications are customizable so you can change the notification’s text and style according to your store. You are allowed to add the colors and CSS to make them look like your brand.

Simple and profitable plans

The application offers a 7-day trial of the Growth plan so you can use its main features and see how it works.

A Free plan provides 100 unique visitors per month and includes basic Pop templates, Ticket support, Wix, and Shopify integrations.

The next plans have a complete list of available basic and advanced features, and two support types (Ticket support and Live Chat). The number of your visitors will increase from 10 000 up to 300 000 per month depending on your plan’s price.

Unique visitors100 per monthdepending on the plan’s price
CostFree$29 / $49 / $129 / $299 / Contact

Top app’s benefits

The main advantages of this app are:

  • Promotion of your store;
  • Growth of the visitors;
  • Increasing conversions;
  • Makes your store look loaded and integrates well with your design;
  • Creation of Social Proof and establishing a long-term confident relationship with clients.

Therefore, sending Pop-ups notifications to your customers is a great way to retain a new audience, especially for the new Shopify stores at the very beginning of their run-up. Establishing a trusting relationship with your customers is key to the successful promotion of your store.