[App Review] Infinite Options – Multiple Additional Features For Your Shop

[App Review] Infinite Options – Multiple Additional Features For Your Shop

Online store users are attracted by the store’s flexibility and ease of use. However, what could be even more attractive for a purchase – a personalized product. In this article, we will discuss Infinite Options, a powerful builder for customizing product options, ratings, prices, and more.

What is Infinite Options?

To provide users with a unique offer, the online store must have flexible product customization options. Nevertheless, Shopify, as a platform, provides quite a bit of customization options. However, there is a solution. Infinite Options has advanced tools onboard to help customers get a personalized product.

Infinite Options Features

The application has many customizable options, with which customers can customize products according to their specifications. There can be both mandatory and optional characteristics, but at the same time, you can set up certain characteristics as default values. In addition, you can customize the shop by using checkboxes, drop-down menus, and a text and number input box. Besides, in order to increase sales, the application has a function that will allow you to form a package of products.

Infinite Options Pricing

The application works according to the standard distribution scheme. After installation, the user has a 14-day trial. The main functionality is available in it, which will allow you to do basic customization.

COSTFREE$7.99 per month$11.99 per month

After the end of the trial period, the user has two options PROFESSIONAL and POS. In PROFESSIONAL, absolutely all the functions of the application are already available. The POS version, on the other hand, extends these features with Shopify POS integration. If you want to experience all features that will surely surprise your customers greatly, install Infinite Options free.