[App Review] Start Messenger Marketing With Facebook Messenger Marketing

[App Review] Start Messenger Marketing With Facebook Messenger Marketing

Today, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your products online. Facebook is the largest social network and is naturally popular with e-commerce and dropshipping entrepreneurs.

What is Recart FB Messenger Marketing

When you configure your Shopify store, you can also use Facebook and Facebook Messenger as platforms where you can post your products. This linking works even if you do not use the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger. Users will still be able to see the products associated with your Facebook page.

And the Recart FB Messenger Marketing app from Recart is aimed specifically at simplifying interaction with the social network, as well as increasing sales. With this tool, you can reach out to people who have left your shopping cart. It’s mostly used in Facebook Messenger.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing features

FB Messenger works much better in the web version of Facebook, but because social network pages are loaded with various elements that can distract the customer from the target message. Therefore, for marketing purposes, it is better to use the application. 

For messaging, the customer simply has to launch their app and click on the name of a particular company to ask a question. Then will be able to navigate to the Shopify store pages to view offers. Recart was designed to support this. This way, you can automate discussions with your customers. The application will help the client to answer the most frequently asked questions, which can be put into it as templates. You can also use the app for email marketing.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing pricing

The app has three use cases. Completely free for 28 days, where users can use almost all the tools provided by the developers. The other two tariff plans are designed to increase audience reach and engagement. However,  the Scale plan is designed only for huge businesses with more than $1m annual revenue.

CostFree$29 per month$499 per month

Using Recart is a small cost compared to the benefit it will bring, and there is also the added benefit of not having to use Facebook ads. As you can see, this is a universal solution that will suit everyone.