[App Review] Increase Engagement With Your Customers By Using Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

[App Review] Increase Engagement With Your Customers By Using Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Sometimes it is very important to reward customers for active purchases or friend activity in your store such as comments, etc. For these purposes, you need a convenient and automated platform –

What is is the most famous e-commerce award platform in the world for 30 000 merchants worldwide. Create an equally entertaining, enjoyable, and inspiring mobile program that awards the customers with points, VIP status, and referral incentives.

Smile features

With you can launch points, referrals, and VIP programs all on one website with the assistance of the world’s biggest loyalty service provider. About 15,000 forms of incentive programs are supported by

You can launch a gorgeous and personalized incentive program in just a few taps. Besides, offers users a range of services, including the exchange of social media, product feedback, etc. There are also a growing number of Smile Apps including MailChimp and Klaviyo. You should associate your application with software that you already use. Smile API is also provided based on which your team can create, for example, a unique loyalty program.

Smile Pricing

CostFree$49 per month$199 per month$599 per month

Like most similar apps, offers a 14-day trial period to familiarize yourself with the main features of the app. It includes visual customization, 10 reward programs, and the most popular rewards in the form of bonuses, points, etc.

After the end of the trial period, users will have to choose one of three payment plans. The basic plan provides for full customization of programs, as well as integration into the application, in addition to the functions of the free version. Each next plan contains the functions of the previous one, as well as more advanced functionality for them.