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Translating your store content 

Where are my translations stored?

LangShop uses modern Shopify GraphQL API for all translatable resources. Therefore, all your translations are stored on Shopify servers.

Does LangShop affect the code of the theme?

LangShop creates clone of your original theme with all the translation code. So your original theme is not changed.

Can I use LangShop for free while developing my store?

LangShop is a partner-friendly app. It is free to test and use in development stores forever during the development process. Regular charges will apply once the store is switched over to a paid plan.

Can I try LangShop prior to going multilingual?

Yes. Once you translate your store, you can preview your LangShop theme and make sure all the features of it are working fine.

In addition to this, we offer a 7-day trial period, during which you can use all features of LangShop without being charged.

Do I need to know liquid template language or have to edit the theme code?

You don't need to have any coding skills.

LangShop is compatible with 99% of the Shopify themes.

If any content was not translated by LangShop due to the specifics of some custom code, please contact our Support Team. We'll do the needed change for you.

Are there any limits for the amount of the translated symbols?

LangShop doesn't apply any limits on the amount of the translated content.

Can LangShop work with content of other applications?

Sure. We provide a dynamic translation feature, which allows us to replace any dynamic content per each language.

You can read more in the user guides about these and other features.

What content of my online Shopify store can I translate?

LangShop translates ALL types of content. For example, it makes multi language products, collections, privacy policy, third-party apps content (e.g. Shopify product discount app translation), etc.

How much does LangShop cost?

There are 4 available plans:

  • Free plan ($0/month)
  • Basic plan ($10.00/month)
  • Standard plan ($34.00/month)
  • Advanced ($68.00/month)
  • Enterprise (custom pricing)


Customizing your Multi-language store

Can I edit the translations manually?

LangShop provides access to all the auto-translated content and any text can be edited manually or completely replaced by your authentic translation.

I have n-thousand products in my store. Can I translate all of them at once automatically?

No matter how many products you have in your store. LangShop can translate them all using bulk translations features for any languages.

Speed of the translation depends on the amount of products, but all your products will be translated successfully.

Can I edit the position of the language switcher?

You can easily put the switcher to the needed part of the page through the app settings.

Also, we can assist you with placing it to any section of your site.

Can I change currencies exchange rates?

Yes. You can do it manually per each added currency in application settings.

By default, LangShop grabs actual exchange rates from Fixer API.

Other questions

What is LangShop SDK? Do I need it to translate my store?

LangShop SDK is a set of tools and features for developers that allows you to integrate custom features to your store theme.

Using this is not necessary for translating your store, but it helps to make your store more unique.

I would like to see new feature in your application. May I ask you about it?

We will consider all requests. Please contact our support team via chat, email or ticket system.

When does your support team work?

Our support team works 24 hours 7 days per week

What happens if I uninstall LangShop?

Your store will remain active. All the translated content and other features of LangShop will remain available.

If you want to return to one language, all you need to do is just publish your original theme (the one you used before installing LangShop).


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