GDPR compliance in Magento 2 stores

General Data Protection Regulation laws, in particular, regulate how companies collect and handle personal information from their users. The GDPR law framework has been designed to ensure the safe handling of individual’s personal data. Privacy issues are becoming increasingly challenging for eCommerce stores as they consistently operate on collecting, transferring, and managing the personal data of their customers. 

The GDPR law applies to:

  • organizations established in the EU; 
  • organization based outside the EU but are engaged in offering goods and services in the EU. 

It is very important for merchants to achieve the following in their Magento 2 store: 

  • Full compliance with GDPR, specifically the right to be informed, access, erasure, and data portability rights;
  • Instill data protection policy consents on registration, checkout, and other pages;
  • Allow customers to ask, delete or copy their data.

It is advisable to use the following practices to facilitate the workflow for the customer and store administrator:

  • Allow customers to download their data automatically in PDF or XML formats;
  • Use customer verification mechanism to protect data against fraudulent activity;
  • Save various versions of the Privacy Policy to make the store fully compliant;
  • Segment customers by their statuses and intentions.

On you will find an M2 GDPR extension that is designed and developed to help online businesses meet GDPR regulations.

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