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Language Translator For Magento 2

Powerful Yet Simple Magento 2
Language Translation Extension

Start cross-border selling by translating your store content into multiple languages
with LangShop for Magento 2.

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    14-day free trial

  • 14-day free trial

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  • Free installation

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    Free updates

  • Expand business borders into new markets

    By offering your store content in multiple languages, you can attract more international customers.

    • Increased customer reach

    • Improved customer experience

    • Boosted sales

    expand business new markets
  • Save time on creating and maintaining website translations

    Localizing your website with the Magento 2 translation module is just a few clicks away. You have complete control over the translation quality and speed with:

    • Standard AI translation engines

      Fast and effortless translation by multiple engines; reach more accurate translation by adding your own translation rules to a glossary and using suggestions.

    • Google Cloud Translation or DeepL Pro

      Premium quality translation performed by the world’s best services.

    • Professional translation agency

      Highest quality translations made by native speakers can be ordered without the need to leave your store; no pain of exporting/importing content and translations yourself.

    dictionary ai human
  • Personalize customer experience through website content

    Translating website content makes it more comprehensible for users speaking different languages, which is a critical step in creating a localized and personalized website. With LangShop for Magento 2 you can translate:

    • Products

      Be confident that product titles, descriptions and other pre-sale details are clear for your customers.

    • Categories

      Let customers quickly find desired items with comprehensive navigation.

    • Attributes

      Help customers find products quicker by translating layered navigation 
and product attributes.

    • Third-party extensions

      Translation of the modules allows you to localize various parts of your store, such as checkout, customer area, and many other elements, like buttons and options.

    personal customer experience

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    • All Translation Methods

    • 5 Glossary Rules

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    • 5 Additional Languages

    • All Translation Methods

    • Unlimited Glossary

    • Limited Auto Translation of New Products

    • Prioritized Support

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    • 20 Additional Languages

    • All Translation Methods

    • Unlimited Glossary

    • Unlimited Auto Translation of New Products

    • Premium Support

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